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w/c 28th August 2023
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Flax Bourton we have been busy exploring a sensory shredded paper tay! The adults put different pond accessories in it, so we could explore all their textures and use our imagination as we played. We liked to search through the paper to find all the small ducks that were hiding, and as we found them we counted "1,2,3"!

We used all the play food and cooking utensils in the kitchen to practice our cooking skills. We acted out different role-play situations, similar to what we might see and experience in our own home environments! We put our aprons on so that our clothes didn't get messy, and our oven gloves to protect our hands from the 'hot' oven!

In Sand Land were were able to get in and feel the fine smooth texture of the sand between our toes - it felt so funny! We used spades and sieves to scoop up the sand and move it around the tray. We liked to watch it fall through the holes, and tried catching it in our hands!

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This week in Kindergarten we have had lots of adventures exploring different habitats! We have been really interested in animals at the moment, and it has been so much fun playing with the different animals and learning about the places that they live and about the world we live in.

We have engaged in lots of exciting sensory experiences including foamy 'Snow', clear blue water, the desert sand and a 'Jungle' with real foliage!

We have enjoyed being builders this week too. We have been wearing our hard hats for safety, using our tools to fix things and building beautiful structures with the large and small construction materials. We have also used our construction vehicles to scoop and move the sand and dry cereals which was a lot of fun!

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This week in Pre-School we have said goodbye to a few of our children, as they start their new journeys at big schools! Good luck to everyone on their new adventures.

The children were taken to the dining room this week, where they got to explore and play games on our interactive whiteboard. We had fun, by matching the jigsaw puzzles up. This helped us with our finger skills, perseverance and problem-solving. We also used our imaginations to create some wonderful pictures on the whiteboard. We were learning that by using different settings on the board we could change the colour of our mark making. We also learnt we could use different thickness of lines by changing other settings.

Elsewhere this week we put our construction skills to good use. The children all worked together as a team and managed to build some bridges and ramps! We wanted to climb up on them and use them to jump off. Using our own judgement we needed to figure out if they were stable enough for us to climb on them or not. If they weren't stable enough, we then had to figure out how or what we could add to ensure it was safe. There was some great taking in turns and brilliant teamwork involved here!

We have also been exploring some first aid kit resources. The adults spoke to us about the bandages and plasters, and how they help us if we are injured or not well. We then had a go at wrapping up with bandage!

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