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w/c 27th May 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


Up in the nursery room this week, we have all been very busy bees. To start our week,
we started by trying to build the tallest tower in the world! We had first started by
reading the building manual to help us figure out what tools and what blocks would
work best, and this also reminded us to make sure we wore our safety hats while on

To continue our week, the mystical wizards paid us a visit over the long weekend and
made us our very own potion-making station. We had created our own magical
potions using lots of different ingredients. We had used the pipette to fill up the potion
jar, adding the magical water containing bubbles and also adding spoonfuls of the
colourful foam.We then mixed them all together to create our own magical potion!

On our mini-garden adventure, we found the water world tray with yellow water! We
had spent time splashing away and giggling as Jayla held the funnel in the air so we
could try to catch the water that was falling from the sky. To continue our outdoor
exploration in the nursery room, we came across a very large dinosaur swamp, filled
with lots of different dinosaurs, big and small. The swamp was very green, very sticky,
and very smelly. We had all worked as hard as we could to pull all of the dinosaurs out
of the swamp, and once they were rescued, they let out a big roar!

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This week in Kindergarten, we have been exploring our fly swatters! We have engaged
in lots of different activities involving the fly swatters, some including paint. On the
decking, the tuff tray was full of foam and paint! The children used the fly swatters to
hit the foam. They watched as the foam mixed with the paint and flew into the air.
This was super messy and fun!

The interest in the fly swatters was extended by using
them inside the next day. We had big and small dots of paint in the tuff tray which we
were pretending were flies. When we hit the paint with the fly swatter, we watched it
make cool patterns on the paper. We mark maked some amazing pictures using the
paint and fly swatters!

Outside this week, we have used the parachute lots! We have been listening to the
adults for when to lift it up into the sky so it was flying. We also ran underneath the
parachute when it was in the air which was super fun. We pegged the parachute onto
our washing line as a shelter. One of the children said, 'disco'! We thought this was a
fantastic idea so we out some music on and all danced underneath the colourful

The children have enjoyed using the interactive whiteboard this week. They have used
the whiteboard to draw some very cool pictures. The children have been proud of
their pictures and when they have returned from group time, they have told all the
adults in the main room about their wonderful drawings on the whiteboard! The
children have also participated in puzzles and other games on the whiteboard this

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This week in Pre-School has been a blast! It's been a short one as it was Bank Holiday
Monday. We hope everyone had an amazing time! We spent a few moments
discussing what we've been up to from going on small days out to camping!

This week we have been out in the garden building pirates ships, helicopters and
castles by using our loose parts area. We have also been playing with the holla hoops
and climbing frames to practice our balancing.

The weather has not been the best this week so we have done lots of indoor activities
which has included tuff trays full of shaving cream and dinosaurs, mark making,
dressing up lots of water play and taking selfies! One day, we were feeling very
constructive, so we put on high viz and created a building site. We have had lots of
story reading and best of all, playing our favourite song game, the floor is lava!

Well done for an amazing week Pre-School, see you next week for more fun filled

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