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w/c 26th February 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Nursery to celebrate St David's Day the art area was set up with a variety activities to try - from making a traditional Welsh leak and potato soup, Carys showed us how to cut up the potatoes and leeks to make home made yummy soup to try later on in the day. We also explored mark making on the chalk board to copy a daffodil picture, we got stuck in using different colours of chalks to make lots of marks. Carys also taught us some new Welsh words!

We have put on our coats on and spent time first in the big garden to try out crawling through the tunnel and playing peek a boo with our friends, we our getting really good at sitting and using our legs to move ourself around on the tricks, saying words like wee as we move around the track really fast,

In the middle of the week in the tuff tray we got to practice our shapes in paint with potatoes! We thought it was great fun so much so we couldn't wait to rub our hands through the paint
making lots marks all over the tuff tray and our clothes!

To finish off the week as it was raining we went to play in the big sandpit which is under cover. We sat down with our friends and work together to build really big sandcastle. We slowly picked up each spade full on sand and transfer it to the bucket when it was full up the adults helped us tip it over, we said words like yay when we saw what we had made, and jumped up and down to make the castle fall down!

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This week at Kindergarten we have explored some fun activity's based on St David's Day! With spring near and the daffodils bursting out with a bright sunshine yellow the children have got creative, explored the outdoors, sticking and gluing and even done some baking.

At the beginning of the week the children had got sticky and creative with Anna's lovely hand drawn daffodils. With bright yellow orange and green tissue paper the children got creative with all the bright spring colours to make their very own daffodils to hang
upon kindergarten wall!

In the middle of the week Kondergarten got to dive and discover a slimy green swamp tuff tray - so much sensory fun, with hidden frogs and other bugs to find!

Later in the week we had a visit from Carys from Nursery, who is from Wales! She showed and taught us a welsh song. The children watched and listened with joy. What a great music treat to celebrate St David's day!

The children also did a very creative painting activity with toilet tubes cut into a flower at the end, pom poms and with some bright yellow and orange paints they created a beautiful scene of daffodils.

The children also had some fun with some mixing and learning how to make Welsh cakes - how yummy!

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This week in PreSschool we have been getting messy in the art studio, exploring some gloop play. We mixed the water and corn flour together noticing the change in consistency and talking about what was happening to it. We enjoyed making marks and experimenting with the textures, using different tools and our fingers to get stuck in!

We have been exploring our new core book which is 'anyone can be my friend'. We have been finding out about different people and places and talking about what makes us all different. This week we got to try a range of tasty foods from all over the world. We had some popadoms and mango chutney from India, croissants from France, olives and feta cheese from Greece and many more. It was lovely to watch the children experience these, some of them for
the first time. A lovely time was had by all!

We have also made some huge structures in the building zone. We have been proper builders wearing our high vis jackets and working together as a good team.

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