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w/c 25th September 2023
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week we have been nature explorers out in the garden! We've enjoyed looking at the leaves that had fallen off the tree and feeling the texture of them, some were wet and soggy and some were dry and crunchy. We also discovered lots of different bugs - some of us were brave enough to hold them and feel them walk across our hands. It felt a bit ticklish but we were careful and quiet so we didn't frighten them!

In a focused activity with Jodie we looked at the environment and the impact our actions can have on it. We used the sea animals in the water tray with lots of different plastics to look at recycling and saving our wildlife. We were supported to untangle the animals from nets and packaging so they could swim freely and we then worked together to put all the rubbish into the correct bins, some of which can be reused or recycled into something new!

In the art studio we had the opportunity to explore different media. With the play dough we used different tools and accessories to shape, mould and sculpt the dough. We worked through the process of manipulating, rolling and pressing cutters into the dough to produce lots of wonderful creations!

We are also really interested in mark-making using pencils. We were able to select our own colours to make our pictures and were supported by the adults to hold them and talk about the
colours we were using and making. Our mark-making interest continued when we went down to the interactive screen, here we used our fingers to draw different lines and patterns and were
fascinated by seeing the instant effect of our actions on the screen.

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What a busy week we have had in Kindergarten! We have been interested in building, and were encouraged to build homes for the dinosaurs we have been playing with! We made big and small houses out of coloured bricks and explored how to join the pieces together. Some of us also made dinosaurs out of plates
and milk bottle tops - very creative!

We have also been interested in insects. We wanted to look at spiders and counted their legs, we learnt about dragonflies and even found a black ladybird!

Dressing up has been a firm favourite this week, we have been choosing our favourite characters to dress up in.

Outside learning has been lots of fun, especially making our hanging baskets! We filled them with soil and planted daffodil bulbs and lovely autumnal coloured heathers.

And if that wasn't enough it's been a week of looking at full, empty and half full during water play. What a busy week!

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This week in Pre-School we have been baking shortbread! Firstly, you have to wash your hands to get rid off all the germs. We then talked about what ingredients we needed to make shortbread - we checked the recipe and recognised we needed flour, sugar and butter. 

Elsewhere this week we have been exploring the new home corner toys!
Outside in the main garden this week, we have been busy working together to create a water ramp using the wooden blocks. We all took turns pouring water down the ramp and some of us enjoyed catching the water at the bottom on the ramp!

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