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w/c 24th June 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week at nursery some of us took an exciting trip to the local play park where we got to have a good run around on the grass! We used our gross motor skills to climb the steps to the slide and said “Weeeee” as we went down the other side! The adults pushed us high the swings, we stopped for a sit down for a drink and a snack before heading back to nursery.

In the tuff tray on the same day some of had a go at rescuing the sea animals that were frozen in the ice! We used paint brushes and water to rub over the ice to help it melt, repeating words like "ice” "fish” and "cold “ whilst we had a go.

In the Musician's Area we have been exploring all the different instruments! From the shaker, bells, and drums - we held the sticks and banged the drums to make lots different sounds, and held the bells to shake around!

Outside in the roof top garden we have been keep cool again with lots water to splash this time with funnels and bottles. We are getting very good at taking out time to carefully collect water in each, lifting it up into the air to watched the water pour over our hands , saying words like "splash“ "and water“. 

Some of the smaller babies have been having  a little go at rolling the balls down through ball run, watching as each one goes around and around down to the bottom clapping with excitement as they pop out the end!

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It has been a super hot week in Kindergarten! We have done lots of activities to keep us cool and also remembered to wear our hats. Some of us have also worn sunglasses! We have all enjoyed the refreshing feeling of splashing water and it has been very funny to get wet! The children have used their hands to splash and on Wednesday, we put the tuff trays on the floor so we could use our feet to splash which made us all laugh lots. 

Inside, we put loads of foam in a tuff tray. The children chose to absolutely cover themselves head to toe in the foam! This was super messy but the children had lots of fun. The children explored the texture of the foam, squeezing it between their fingers. This felt cold and sticky! 

Our core book this term is ‘The Naughty Bus’. In the story, a bus takes a trip through a plate of beans! To support the children’s learning from the story, we filled the tuff tray with lots of messy foods including beans. We discussed the beans and what they felt like. We also drove the bus through the beans like in the story!

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This week in Pre-School has been packed with fun activities! 

We started the week with exploring a dinosaur world tuff tray! We used paintbrushes to uncover the delicate dino skeletons and had a big discussion about fossils. We then decided to do an activity  involving shapes. We made rockets, cars and all kinds of creations! The woodwork station is up and running again so we independently designed and made various creations. As always the sandpit was a favourite again this week. We’ve been digging holes and building mountains! 

A few of our friends enjoyed the opportunity to go to the farm this week. It was lovely in the sunny weather seeing the ducks, chickens, sheep and cows. Not to mention returning the escaping lambs back into their homes! We have participated in water play this week also to cool us down. From washing babies to dinosaurs! Because the football means a lot to us, we decided to get dressed for the occasion and paint our faces. Come on England! 

Well done Pre-School!

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