w/c 23rd October 2023
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Nursery we have been getting into the Halloween spirit! There have been a whole host of spooky activities for us to explore.

First of all, we were invited to explore a carved pumpkin. This opened up lots of new sensory experiences for us! It had a pumpkin smell, and lots of new textures - small slippery seeds, squishy insides and a rough skin! Some of us weren't keen on this but we gave it a go. Some of us also used different sized spoons to scoop and move the mixture instead.

In the art area we had a go at recreating the pumpkin shapes with paint! We used half apples as stamps, and our adults encouraged us to use different movements across the paper. We stamped, dabbed and dotted repeatedly using the orange, black, red and yellow paint!

We finished off the week with a chilly Halloween ice tray! We were invited to look closely at the frozen shapes, and we spotted the toy spiders that were trapped inside - oh no! We picked up the shapes and moved the around, noticing they slipped and skidded across the tray. We also noticed the ice was melting in our hands and turning back into water!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been very busy! We started the week with a trip to the park, making the most of the autumnal sunshine. We explored all the different equipment including the swings, the roundabout, the slide and the big bucket swing! Some of us even pushed the roundabout all by ourselves, we used our strong legs and arms and pushed with all our might until the roundabout started to spin! We had lots of fun moving fast on the swings and down the slide, wheeee!

Back at Red Bus we have been getting in the Halloween spirit by decorating some spiced biscuits! We had four different colours of icing to choose from including green, blue, red and white! We also had lots of Halloween sprinkles, we looked at them carefully and explored what different shapes and colours there were. We saw cats, bats, pumpkins and more!

We have also been exploring a colourful rice tray this week! We used jugs and cylinders to measure the rice and transport it between containers, speaking about full and empty. We also made some delicious-looking cakes using our rice and some cupcake cases!

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This week in Pre-School we have been celebrating Halloween with many different pumpkin-themed activities! We have carved some large pumpkins, which we added lanterns to to make decoration for the Pre-School entrance. We helped to scoop out all the seeds and insides with spoons and scrapers, this was hard work and we used our arm and hand muscles well! We then discussed what kind of faces we wanted to carve and drew our designs on the surface of the pumpkin. The adults then used sharp knives to cut the holes to bring them to life!

We used our woodwork station and tools to decorate our smaller pumpkins! We talked about how to stay safe at the woodwork station, so wore our safety goggles and only had two of us on the bench at one time. We used the hammers to push nails into the soft pumpkin, which was great fun! 

We have also used our art studio to explore the season. We talked about Autumn, and what kind of colours we can see in nature around this time. We created some wonderful autumnal pictures using different coloured paints and sticking resources!

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