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w/c 22nd January 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week at Nursery we have been wrapping up warm to spend lots of time outside, in all the different weather we been having! We practiced our balancing skills - with help from the adults we took our time with each step, concentrating well and managing to walk along the balancing logs. When got to the end we did a big jump and said 'whee'!

We were fascinated watching the wind blow the colourful windmill around and around, and in the top garden we made high towers with bricks with help from the adults - we said 'Oh no!' when the tower collapsed to the ground!

In the construction area, we sat with the adults and used our imagination to build a car out of the big foam blocks! We took turns to help the adults place the bricks together to make the car, we couldn’t wait to jump on to drive we said words like “ beep beep“ and “car“. We used our hands to move the foam bricks around in front of us as the steering wheel - just like we see mummy and daddy do when driving the car to nursery! We jumped up and grabbed the builder's hats to wear. The adults asked if we were going to work - we all said yes and raised our hands in the air!

To end the week we had a creative morning with Jodie to make our own play dough! We all stood well and listened to what we were asked to do - we started by mixing all the different ingredients together, we took it in turns to mix independently with a spoon. Jodie mixed blue and red colouring together into the play dough to make purple we were able to copy the words purple red and blue back to the adults. We got stuck in after to explore the texture of the dough when we touched and squeezed in our hands! 

We went back out into the lower garden later in the week with our friends, where we spent time in the mud kitchen. We used our fine motor skills to hold the big spoons to dig around in the mud, we moved over to the table to make cups of tea for the adults. We independently held the big kettle with firm hands and were able to pour the tea. We smiled when the adults thanked us!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been tasting tea, role playing, cooking and exploring outdoors!

At the beginning of the week, Kindergarten discovered a table full of all different types of tea! Anna explained all the different types of fruity or herbal tea on offer, and that you can brew it using hot or cold water. Today we used cold water, and the children noticed the water changed colours when the tea bag was added! They took turns to stir the mixture and explored it by smelling the different aromas and even having a taste! 

In the middle of the week, Kindergarten explored some imaginative play themed around Supermarkets! They got involved, taking on the roles of cashiers and customer. They loved exploring the new cash register, and made their own shopping lists! The children interacted so well together, scanning the different role play food and exploring the concept of purchasing items for money! 

Later this week Kindergarten had some cooking fun, baking some chocolate muffins - how yummy! With freshly washed hands and lots of excitement, the children took great joy mixing and pouring all the ingredients into one big bowl. 

Kindergarten also got to discover outside with the new outdoor equipment - brand new footballs, bats and even tennis rackets! The children loved trying these out as well as playing on their familiar well loved bikes and scooters. 

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This week in Pre-School we have been continuing to do lots of activities around our core book Superworm! We have played with our bugs and our new stretchy worms in lots of different ways. We have told and retold the story in a range of ways, learning the phrases and repeating them. We have been fishing with our new rods to help the animals out of the well - just like in the story! 

As it was National Bird Watching Week, we have been doing lots of fun themed activities. We made some binoculars out of cardboard tubes in the art studio, and went outside to see what birds we could find. We had clipboards with tick sheets on to show us the pictures of what birds we might see. We sat on our decking under a canopy and quietly looked at the birds and listened to their calls. We also have been out in our big garden looking at the birds and looking for nests in the trees!

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