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w/c 22nd April 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week at Red Bus Love has been in the air as our core book for this term is called 'Love Makes a Family.' We started the week by getting involved in a sensory tray which had foam, spaghetti and flour to explore. As we explored each different texture we were fascinated
watching all the colours mix together.

During Time Together we have spent time reading all the different books about families. We all sat beautifully as the adults read about Mummy's and Daddy's and why we love them all so much.

During the week in the Art Studio we sat down at the table to make
some beautiful picture's to show our families. We used paint and paint brushes as our media, firmly holding the brushes in our hands. We made lots of different marks as we moved the brush across the paper. We practiced independently dipping the brush into the paint to choose the next colour we wanted. The adults talked about the colours we were using and what happens when we mix the colours.

At nursery we always like spending time in both outdoor learning
environments giving us lots of opportunities throughout the day with a variety activities. On the way to the big garden we stopped to say hello to the nursery fish with some help from the adults we tipped some yummy food in and watched as they swam around eating it all up!

In the construction area we have been learning a new skill which is
holding the hammer and very carefully moving it up and down to bang the nail into the hole then using our fine motor skills to pull the nail out again. What a very busy week the Nursery children have had!

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This week in Kindergarten, the children have been interested in bubbles! We have participated in lots of activities which include bubbles. We have had a bubble machine, learned how to blow bubbles from a bubble wand, washed our toy cars in a bubbly car wash and created some colourful bubble potions!

On Tuesday, we celebrated St George's day! In the garden, we made a giant castle. The children had lots of fun going in and out of the castle and also hiding in the castle! We also made shields like St George's shield and had lots of fun playing with these. We watched some videos on the big screen in the dining room to learn all about St George and coloured in some pictures of dragons.

This term, our core book is Hand's surprise. This week, we have tried lots of different fruits from in the story! We spoke about how the different fruits feel and how a pineapple is spiky but a mango feels cold! The children practiced their cutting skills and with support were able to cut the fruit into bite sized pieces. The children tried the
different fruits and we spoke about which ones we liked best and which ones we didn't like!

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This week in Pre-School has been packed with learning and fun! We have been out in the garden exploring all of the bugs that are starting to appear, playing football with our lovely new goal nets that have been bought for the garden and of course running around in the sun popping bubbles. We have also been building plenty of sandcastles and digging holes in our lovely sandpit.

Water play has also been a keen interest of the children. We added bubbles to create a bath for our sandpit toys!

Our core book this term is "Jack and the Beanstalk", the children decided to create our own beanstalks using different materials we found around the room. We have also now planted runner beans seeds to grow our very own beanstalks. We are going to see whether the beans we have are magic and grow up through the clouds!

Pre school are loving the bee bots which are programmable bumble bees they can explore mapping and direction with them. To link these with our core book, Katie had made a grid map with the characters from the book. This has given the children a good chance to work
as a team and to explore the Bee-bots turning and moving. These bee bots have also been this week's funniest activity where the children are fascinated watching them roam on their own!

On Monday it was Earth day, we have been looking at the globe and learning about the different oceans. We have been discussing what sea creatures live in what ocean! We have also taken an interest to colours and organising sensory cubes into colour coordination.

On Tuesday it was saint Georges day! To get the children familiar with this day, we made some shields! We used cardboard, glue, pom-poms, glitter and all the sequins to create the best looking shields ever! We then went onto the decking and pretended to be knights on a quest!

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