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w/c 21st August 2023
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Flax Bourton, babies have been busy being brilliant! We have been engaging, learning, and exploring lots of different activities. 

Out in the rooftop garden, we practiced our driving skills on the bikes. We can now confidently move about in multiple directions, using our feet. We also explored the hula hoops, and with our friends took turns to roll them to each other - but we found it more fun to spin them around around until they fell on the floor. Crash!

In the art studio, we used an abstract method of mark-making with crayons and created some lovely images. We chose different colours to use and together with the adults learned their names, and explored the process of how colours change when they are mixed together.

A lot of our play this week has been focused on the 3Ms -

Mouth (developing language)
Movement (joining in with games or dancing)
Mind (expanding our learning!)

With Jenny, we listened to some music and showed off our groovy moves by copying actions, listening to the rhythm, and singing along to some of our favourite rhymes. 

At the Water World tray we focused on our coordination, using nets in the water to catch ducks. The adults guided us on using slower movements, to support us to net the perfect catch! We also helped our peers, supporting each other to find the ones that almost got away. 

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This week in Kindergarten we have continued to learn about our core book, The Rainbow Fish! We engaged with lots of different activities that relate to the story, and having been talking about how we share with our friends. We even created our own rainbow fish out of different mediums!

We've also been on lots of adventures outside of Red Bus. We have been on trips to the park, and explored our local woodlands and farmland. We looked carefully at the different flowers and trees, and even we even saw some corn growing in a field! We saw lots of berries too, Anna told us their names - we even carefully picked some ripe blackberries to bring back to Red Bus. 

We've also been searching for lost treasure as Pirates! We've really loved any play relating to our 'treasure chest', so the adults hid lots of treasure in the sand and we were tasked to find it. We did a great job! 

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This week we had an imaginary tea party in Pre-School! There were lots of cups, saucers, and pots for us to share, and we worked together to make delicious cups of tea for our friends. Cheers!

Back inside we have been learning about different fruits, and took part in a fruit-tasting activity. We were invited to try mango, orange, lemon, lime, pomegranate seeds and kiwi. We had a good go at trying them all, even if we didn't like the taste! We talked about where fruit comes from, and the texture of each one. We said that the kiwi fruit is "hairy like my legs!" and that the lemon and limes were "really sour." 

We also went on a trip to the dining room to explore the interactive whiteboard! We explored a 'Sticky Kids' activity, where we had to follow the moves as they appeared on the screen. This was a great test of our memory and focus as well as our balance and coordination!

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