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w/c 20th November 2023
This Week at Flax Bourton


To start the week some of us went on a big adventure to Gatcombe Farm! We took some food for the animals - and snack for ourselves too. The animals made lots of noises as we arrived which surprised some of us, but we were supported by Jodie to feed them, learn their names, and even practiced making some of the noises they made!

Back at Red Bus we've really focused our interest in the role play area. Exploring the hairdressers box, we used the items inside to act out different scenarios. We would dry and style our own hair and then helped Jodie to style her long hair too!

In the book nook we have enjoyed the opportunity to sit with our peers and look through our Core Book for this term : Hippo Has a Hat. Using the different teddies from the story we like to point out the different hats, clothes and animals as we turn the pages. The adults supported and encouraged us to handle the books carefully so we don’t break them which we then transferred to the animals by cuddling them and giving them a kiss!

On the interactive whiteboard we played some educational games where we could point to all the different transport and hear the noises they made! The adults would ask us what noises the different transport made and then we would find it on the screen and check if we were correct. Together we all made a picture, we used our fingers to select the different colours and then moved them across the screen making different lines, marks, and patterns. 

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This week in Kindergarten we've explored literacy and had lots of mathematical fun with the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar . 

At the start of this week Grace had set up an exciting tuff tray for us to explore, filled with food from the book! We recognised some of these foods and with support from the adults even tried counting them up, to see how many we had. The caterpillar came to life in the Courtyard too! We were encouraged to feed the cardboard box caterpillar, we used our imaginations to transform the colourful balls into tasty green apples, red strawberries and pink ice cream - yum!

We also discovered some more mathematical fun, with an invitation to play set up with seasonal treasures. We explored pine cones, pumpkins and crunchy leaves! We had some tubes to post them down, experimenting with what would fit through the tubes and using our knowledge of big and small to help us. 

We've also been creative with a joint mark making activity! December is nearly here so we're starting to think about how to decorate Kindergarten for Christmas. We helped to paint a cardboard box, which will become a cosy fireplace! We had lots of fun using brushes, toothbrushes and even our own hands to cover the box and create warm, shiny embers. 

Out in the decking we also explored a tray set up by Anna, with lots of opportunities to develop our mathematical, colour matching, and fine motor skills! We were encouraged to match the different bobbins to the correct colour and shape. We worked together to solve this and were proud of ourselves when everything was matched up!

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This week in Pre-School we took part in lots of activities based on our Core Book - Stick Man! We've explored the story in lots of different ways - the adults have read it aloud, we've looked at the book independently, and we even watched an animated version on the interactive whiteboard! This has given us a deeper understanding of the book, and we're getting good at anticipating what's going to happen next and repeating phrases from the book. 

We went on an Autumnal woodland walk this week, where we collected lots of different sized sticks! We then used these to create our own Stick Men, with adult supporting us to tie it all together with string. 

Some of us have also done some stickman painting in our art studio. We collected more sticks from our garden at Red Bus, and used them instead of paintbrushes to paint stickman pictures on some big paper!

Also this week some of us were able to go on a trip to the park. We had our snack down there and got to play on all the play equipment and had a wonderful time!

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