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w/c 1st January 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week at Red Bus we have been exploring Sand Land with the adults! It felt like being on the beach, we used our gross motor skills to hold the spade to do digging and filling up the buckets to make a sandcastle. We were encouraged to keep going with the sand till the bucket was filled right to the top! We learned new words like spade, and bucket, and worked together as a team to make the sandcastle and smash them down after with big smiles on our faces! Some of us were so excited we sat right in the sand to fill it between our toes and hands.

In the tuff tray, we were encouraged by Jenny to make marks! We are getting very good at concentrating for long periods using our fine motor skills to make lines and circles, and rubbing both hands through the sand liking the soft feel of the flour running through our hands, smiling at Jenny while we took part.

In the Musician's Area, we made music with the shakers and symbols! We used our hand-eye coordination to bang the 2 symbols together and shake the shakers to make a sound while
singing songs with the adults and peers!

To end the week we spent time running around in the big garden, filling up the bottles with water from the tap. We were fascinated watching the water pour from the tap over our hands - it was warm and tickled a bit! We stood for a long time at this activity, we learned new words like water and splash. We went into the cabin for a yummy snack and a drink - we were encouraged by the adults after to explore the new room with lots of different and exciting toys from people and cars we got stuck right in playing for some time before heading back up to the Nursery room. 

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Kindergarten would like to welcome you back and hope you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year. It's been lovely to see you all again ready for the new year.

This week we explored the weather, and the story of 'The Tiger Who Came for Tea', and we even got messy with some creative activities and traveled to the courtyard jungle.

In the beginning of the week, Kindergarten discovered a tuff tray activity involving the book (The Tiger Who Came for Tea). The tuff tray was filled with black paint and cut-out tiger faces. They had great fun at discovering their creative development and mark-making. They all had fun at painting stripes or spots on the tiger faces.

In the middle of the week, Kindergarten had some mathematical fun outside on the decking with coloured building blocks in the tuff tray and even did some colour matching.

Kindergarten also explored outside on the decking the fun of the rainy weather. They had fun splashing puddles and even catching the rainwater in beakers - how fascinating.

In the middle of the week, Kindergarten had some more creative fun with getting into the character of the tiger who came for tea. They got their feet painted and walked along the paper as if they were a tiger - how fun. We also discovered the art studio and did some mark-making with actual tiger figures and saw the outcome of the tiger paw prints.

Kindergarten also explored the courtyard jungle which had more sensory fun and mark-making in the sand. What a fun-packed week we have had!

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This week in Pre-School we have been settling back into our routine after our Christmas holidays. It's been lovely to be back and find out about everyone's Christmas!

We have been talking a lot about our families and who lives in our house this week. We have been drawing our families and our pets and using mirrors to draw ourselves!

Lots of construction and small-world play has been going on. We have been creating some wonderful structures, towns, and worlds, using our brilliant imaginations.

We have used our measuring skills this week also. We wanted to find out who was the tallest and smallest in Pre-School, so we used a ruler and a big piece of paper to record everyone's heights. We then got ourselves in a line, ordering ourselves by height with the tallest on one end and the smallest on the other end!

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