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w/c 19th February 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


As the sun was shining at the start of the week at Red Bus, we went out into the big garden to practice our physical development with some climbing on the rope bridge! With some support from the adults holding our hands, we gave it our all to move a little way along. We took an interest in the new basketball hoops hanging on the wall - the adults encouraged us to have a go. We picked out the balls we wanted and stretched really high up to try to get the ball through the net!

Back inside we sat together to do some building with the small construction bricks. We took turns, passing each other the bricks and using steady hands to place them up. The adults encouraged us to practice counting along - some of us were able to say 'one' and 'two'! 

We also took an exciting trip to the local park, where we had the chance to try out the swings, slides, and see-saw! We were so happy when the adults pushed us high on the swings, then we sat down on the grass for a drink, snack, and a rest. We spotted a dog running around outside of the park, which was fascinating! 

Out in the top garden we noticed the sun making a shadow on the wall! We showed Jodie, she offered to draw around our shadows. We said 'yes please'! We helped her by drawing our own eyes, noses and mouths and repeating the words 'shadow' and 'sun'. 

To finish the week we took part in an activity to do with our core book 'Shark in the Park'! In the tuff tray there was ice with frozen sharks - oh no! We used hammers to bang at the ice, hearing it crack - we kept going until all the sharks were free and could swim around again - yay!

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This week in Kindergarten the children have explored the coast, developed their fine motor skills and explored their core book 'The Little Red Hen'! 

At the beginning of the week, the children discovered a small sea coast in our little tuff tray. With some golden sand and blue water the children got to explore some sensory fun with some hidden treasure alongside the beautiful sea shells and sea creatures - how fun!

In the middle of the week, Anna created a lovely small-world farm based on our core book 'The Little Red Hen' with all the farm animals! The children got to explore all the different textures and all the different animals, and even got the chance to try to find our very own little hen.

Later in the week, we had some creative fun with sticking and gluing to make our own red hens to hang up in our room! With feathers and cut-up tissue paper, the children used the glue to stick where they thought the feathers would go!

The children also took a chance to explore some creative and fine motor skill play with some wooden puzzles, magnetic tiles and even some role play. We also visited the interactive whiteboard in the dining room, and got creative with some drawing using some very vibrant colours. What a fun week in Kindergarten!

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This week in Pre-School we have been loving using the woodwork bench! Some more of us have now turned three, so have been inducted by the adults and taught how to use all the tools safely. We need to follow the rules and remember to wear our goggles, and only use the bench two children at a time. We have been very creative with what we have been making, adding beads, buttons and fabric to our designs!

As the weather is now getting warmer we have started to plant some vegetables and herbs in pots on our decking! It was very exciting helping Katie with this important job. We got to help dig some holes, put the seeds in, cover them up and water them! We will enjoy watching them grow and hopefully being able to taste them when they are ready! We have also been playing out on or decking exploring the big sandpit and water tray. 

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