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w/c 18th September 2022
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Nursery, we have been focusing on our core book ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt!’ We began by reading through the story with Jayla, we were encouraged to press the buttons which created the different sounds through the adventure! We were all able to take turns and were supported to turn the pages independently…We can’t go over it, we can’t go under it, oh no! We’ve got to go through it! 

We also took part in a sensory tray themed around the book! We read through the story again, and as we went we explored the textures of the wavy grass, oozy mud, and whirling snowstorm! At the end we explored the narrow, gloomy cave to discover the bear!

To finish off the week, we had some culinary creativity making our own rice crispy cakes! We followed the adult's instructions and did really well to turn take as we emptied, poured, mixed, and scooped our mixture into the cupcake cases. We worked really well as a team as we placed all of the cupcake cases into the tray, and also named some of the colours! 

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This week in Pre-School we have been flexing our artistic skills, decorating cardboard elephants! We were inspired by our core book, Elmer the Patchwork Elephant. We used different types of media to get different effects; poster paint, water colours, collage and pom poms were all used. We enjoyed getting creative and very very messy!

We've also explored some yoga this week! We fetched our mats and made sure to give ourselves enough space on the floor. We listened to Katie's instructions really well, copying the movements. This was 'dinosaur yoga' and we loved stretching our arms and legs out, balancing carefully, and even practicing some deep breathing exercises. 

We have also been lucky enough to get the opportunity to make our own orange juice! We cut the oranges in half using the knives (supervised by our adults) and used a juicer to squeeze all the juice out. We removed the pips and added a bit of water and it was ready to enjoy. Yum yum! 

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