w/c 18th March 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in nursery we started the week by taking part in some yummy fruit tasting with the adults! On the tuff tray was pineapple, watermelon and strawberries - we were encouraged to
explore new flavours with each piece we tried , we got stuck in giving it a go. Rhe adults asked us what we thought and asked us to repeat words like "yummy", "berry" and "nice"!

In the construction area we been using our gross motor skills to build big towers - we clapped as we were so excited with what we had been able to accomplish, we couldn't wait to knock it down after and start all over again! We said words like "yay" while we played.

In the big garden we picked up the hula hoops and ran around on the tarmac area. Jenny sang a song about the runaway train. We ran around together thinking it was great fun We also had a go at some chalking on the ground and trees we made lots of pretty patterns and the adults helped us to write our names.

We had lots fun decorating so yummy biscuits with different colour icing sugar and eating some and - oops, getting lots on our faces - but what fun we had watching as the icing colour pour off the spoons! 

We liked spending quiet time in the book nook looking at books! The adults encouraged us to find the dog and cat - we were able to repeat the words of the animals we could see!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been exploring numbers and counting throughout lots of different activities! We took part in a tuff tray activity based around 5 little speckled frogs. Using the fogs to support and aid our counting.

Spring has sprung in Kindergarten and we are continuing to learn about nature, plants and the environment. We worked together to plant strawberries, sunflowers, beans and tomatoes - what a harvest we will have! Some of the flowers we planted before are beginning to grow in the garden too.

As the weather has been drier we have spent lots of time out in the garden playing! We enjoyed exploring and focusing on our balancing and climbing skills on the large play equipment. We are interested in the bikes, learning to take turns and share them with our friends. The adults are supporting us to use our feet to push
the pedals to get us around.

Later in the week we joined in with recognising World Down syndrome Day by wearing our odd socks, taking parks in odd activities and trying some yummy cakes!

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This week in Pre-School we have been enjoying time outside being physical with the hoops, balls and other equipment practicing our physical skills like throwing and jumping.

The sand and water have also been a big hit this week with everyone. We have enjoyed lots of water play activities this week which have included washing the dinosaurs, blowing bubbles with straws, mixing coloured water and playing with the water beads which are really cool!

We have also done lots of sensory and mark making activities inside. We have been manipulating and exploring what we can do with the play dough, using tools, cutters and our hands. We have been mark making in flour using our fingers, brushes and other tools and have engaged in lots of drawing and painting activities.
What a fun filled week we have had!

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