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w/c 16th October 2023
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week the babies have explored lots of different textures and activities. We started the week in the water tray with mirrors, pebbles, and bubbles! We were able to look at how our reflection changed and moved on the pebbles as the water flowed over them and we liked to watch the bubbles popping on our hands. The adults challenged us to see who could make the smallest splash, so we had to be really light and gentle with our touch. Then we had a competition to see who could make the biggest splash...We were definitely better at big splashes!

We are currently interested in being creative with our toys and resources. Some of our activities have been Halloween-themed, and this week we used different tools and cutters to cut out some spooky Halloween shapes in the playdough.

In the home corner, our interest in role play continued where we were really engaged in using the food and utensils to cook food for our peers and adults. We sometimes pretend we are grown-ups and with support explore adult pens to do some writing and drawing.

Following on with looking at different textures the adults provided us with a spooky spaghetti tuff tray! The spaghetti had been cooked slightly so was sticky to the touch, we had to concentrate on using our fingers to pick it up and put it into the different cones. We learned about the different colours of the spaghetti, red and blue, and looked at how they were all different lengths, long and short.

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This week in Kindergarten we started off the week by exploring a ball tray full of lots of different types of balls; big, small, soft, hard, squidgy, and bouncy! We felt all the different balls and learned about how they felt different by squeezing them and throwing them. We explored the colours of the balls, speaking about which ones were our favourites and finding balls that were the same colour!

In our tuff tray we had a small world farm set up where we got to meet lots of different animals. We explored the textures of the different parts of the tray, feeling if they were crunchy, smooth or crumbly! We fed the animals and spoke about the different things we could see in the tuff tray, some of us even spotted our breakfast foods on there!

Outside we found some muddy frogs had jumped into our trays! We got to work with some soapy water to give them a bath until they were lovely and clean!

Some of us have also been over to the interactive screen this week doing some puzzles! We looked carefully at the pictures on the puzzle pieces to see where they matched the big picture and then used our fingers to drag them over. We realised that we needed to hold our fingers down to make the puzzle pieces move and then we could put them where they needed to go! In the end, we looked at the lovely picture we had made and saw the animals at the farm and the ladybird!

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This week in Pre-School we have loved taking part in a range of pumpkin-themed activities. We have drawn pumpkins, rolling the dice to decide what to draw. We have painted pictures of pumpkins and explored the paint with our hands and fingers and we have explored what is inside a pumpkin by cutting one open and scooping the seeds out. It has been great fun!

We have been talking about the season of autumn and what changes we can see. We have also had the opportunity to go out on a fun adventure this week to the local farm. We loved seeing the different animals, going on the play equipment, and having a snack out in the fresh air. Everyone walked there and back brilliantly!

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