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w/c 15th January 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week at Red Bus we been very busy. We started the week by taking part in an activity based around are core book Dear Zoo, we were encouraged by the adults to sit in a circle, and Jodie read the book Dear Zoo - as she did we got to open presents each, we were so excited to rip off the paper to reveal each animal. We learned new words like lion, snake, and puppy, we also got a chance to press the buttons on the book and listen to all the different sounds they made we said 'oh' and put our hands up in the air with excitement.

Out on the roof top garden, we wrapped up warm with coats and hats and ran out to explore with our friends, the sand world, and the scuttle bug. We started by having races around the garden
on the bike - Jenny said ready steady go we waited patiently till we heard the word Go" and off we went using gross motor skills to move independently across the garden till Jenny said "stop".
We laughed and clapped as we finished the race. In sand land we learnt a new skill to use the rake over the sand to make lines, we concentrated really hard and said wow when we saw the
lines we had made!

In the art area, the adults had frozen animals in some water outside overnight in the tuff tray. We were able to use a hammer to bang the ice with close supervision from the adults. It was cold
to touch, we got stuck in bagging each piece and watching as it cracked we picked some of it up and held it in our hands the adults explained it would melt as our hands would be warm, and the
ice is cold.

At the end of the week, as it so cold outside, we went down to the screen where we got to press different transport pictures. We took turns standing up and independently pressed each picture
to hear the sounds. We were able to put two words together like red fire engine and pink aeroplane.

Back up in the nursery room we practiced our threading skills using pasta and pipe cleaners. We concentrated for long time and we were able to get two pieces of pasta threaded on. The adults
talked about the number we had, and some of us were able to repeat the number independently,

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This week in Kindergarten we have explored our new updated Art features for the art studio - how fantastic. We have even gotten creative this week with many fun art activities involving paint, mark-making, and sensory.

At the beginning of the week, Kindergarten discovered a tuff tray activity filled with orange-coloured cornstarch and water. Which made an interesting visual appearance. Kindergarten had some great fun at mark making and even some sensory fun. With the orange cornstarch and black background it tied in with our theme book this term which is the tiger who came for tea. Anna made some cool tiger stripes and as Anna drew the lines Kindergarten had much fun at vocalising like a real tiger.

In the middle of the week, Kindergarten had some more creative fun with some puffy paints mixed with PVA glue, shaving foam, and paint. Kindergarten had some paper teapot and tea cup stencils to decorate and used the puffy paint to make their very own designs. The marble effect of the puff paint was a success.

Later this week Kindergarten had some fun with our new updated feature at the art studio. Which is our play dough bench with free access to tools and play dough. Kindergarten had much fun with patting rolling and even cutting the play dough. Many began to explore a world of adventure and creativity.

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This week in Pre-School we have been doing lots of activities around our core book Superworm. We have played with our bugs and our new stretchy worms, these were a huge hit with the children this week especially when they realised they stick to the ceiling, what fun!

We have been making worms out of play dough and various other materials, using our imaginations. We have been out hunting for worms in the garden and the local area and have made a wormery for them to live in, layering the different materials up inside the container.

As it has been so cold this week the water in our tray outside froze! This has been a real point of interest with the children and because of this, we have kept the ice play going all week, adding different animals to it and tools for breaking it up. We have been talking about how the water freezes and what we need to do to melt it like using hot water and salt. We have been learning about the different animals that live on the ice and the way they are adapted to their environments. It has been brilliant!

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