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w/c 14th August 2023
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Flax Bourton, the babies went bananas over the balls! We enjoyed feeling the different textures of the balls - spiky, bumpy and smooth. We used the stacking cups to explore positioning and putting the balls in, under and behind the cups. We continued this mathematical thinking by using tubes to roll the balls through, then focused on our shape awareness and motor skills with a nuts and bolts activity!

We looked at shapes in a different way using our sensory blocks. The adults put some in the window to allow the sun to come through. This caused a shadow on the floor, and we were able to explore the different colours and shapes on the carpet! We worked more with colour in the art studio using pencils. We are becoming more confident to hold the pencils with greater control to make simple lines and marks. As we drew, the adults talked to use about what colours we were using, mixing and making the wonderful pictures we are creating!

In the big garden some of us enjoyed a group time on the decking. We said hello to all of our friends and took turns choosing which song to sing. We then went off the explore on the bikes! We were supported by the adults to push ourselves across the garden, negotiating the space and obstacles around us.  

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This week in Kindergarten we've had a bake off! Karenza and Jacqui from the kitchen came to help us make cornflake cakes. We did a great job of mixing in the melted chocolate, stirring it all together, then spooning it into cupcake cases! We even had a little taste of the chocolate afterwards - yummy!

At the art table we have been developing our knowledge of the book 'The Rainbow Fish'! We were invited to pick a cardboard fish, and use colourful tissue paper as the rainbow 'scales'! We showed great focus and control, deliberately placing each piece so that we filled up the entire fish - wow!

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This week in Pre-School, we got creative and made some England flags to show our support for the Lionesses in the World Cup! We looked at some photographs from previous games, and their trophy from the Euros last year. We talked about winning and losing - and that it's okay either way, taking part is what's important! We looked at the St George flag, discussing the colours we would need to recreate it. 

We also watched some clips from the game this week! We talked about the colours of the football kit, and why it was nighttime in Australia where the game was held. Some of us then took the interest outside, playing a game of football in the garden!

This week we collected some accessories from the local scrapstore. We then used our imagination and construction skills to build a den! This helped us work on our bonding and social skills. We listened to each other, took turns with the resources, and navigated any conflict by ourselves. By co-operating we were able to make the best den ever!

We also found some ladybirds out in the garden this week! We decided to build a den for the ladybird too, discussing what it would need to live. We then talked about the lifecycle of the bug, and counted up how many spots we could see on its wings! 

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