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w/c 13th November 2023
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Nursery we explored the big garden downstairs! We got involved straight away and started to play on the bikes. The cones had been laid out across the garden, so we had to use our steering and spatial awareness to move around them.

On the wooden hexagons, we were supported by our adults to balance - still as a statue - before attempting to jump off with two feet landing on the floor!

On a rainier day this week, we discovered the sandpit and used the buckets and spades to dig for buried treasure. We were supported by some of our friends from the other rooms! We worked together to dig some really big holes - but never did find the treasure!

During Time Together we all enjoyed taking turns with the song spoons. This activity supports us with our rhythm, listening, and language skills. It also allows us to learn different actions, Makaton signs, and counting up to five!

We also explored water and flour, using our whole bodies for a sensory experience. We have also been down to visit the interactive whiteboard, where we played some games. We really loved the vehicle-themed games, they are a keen interest of ours! We enjoyed learning the names of vehicles, the sounds they make, and the different places they can take us. 

Monday was World Kindness Day, so Alice crocheted some hearts for us to take to Gatcome Farm to give out to people, to spread joy and happiness. Back at Red Bus in the book nook, we have further developed our understanding of kindness, being reading some of our emotions books. We discussed kind hands, and sharing a smile with our friends if they are feeling sad!

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This week in Kindergarten we have explored the elements out in the playground. With the colder weather coming, we have been wrapping up warm in our waterproofs to explore some fun activities out on the decking. 

We even took a little trip to discover the community of Nailsea! We took an exciting trip on the bus. Kindergarten explored the community of Nailsea and the local shops with Holli and Grace. We went into many shops, one being Waitrose cafe. The smells of the food and great customer care were shown to Kindergarten. As it was World Kindness Day, we made and painted salt dough hearts to give out to spread a smile! We made so many people happy and learned about how important it is to be kind, we gave one of the hearts to a charity shop and they even gave us a brand-new book in return!

We also had fun exploring the sensory tuff tray created by Anna and Grace. We interacted with the elements of the sensory world - sand, flour, leaves, pasta shells, pine cones, and the blue crystal water!  Kindergarten also got creative with discovering the cars and lorries in the sensory world.

This week we also explored fine motor skills when Kindergarten discovered a lovely colourful sensory world of posting into a box, exploring big and small holes and what will fit!

Kindergarten also discovered another fun activity out on the decking this week! Which was a physical activity of choosing a ball of your choice and throwing the ball into the black tray. We used our gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination to try and aim into the tray, throwing hard with our strong arms to score a goal!

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This week in Pre-School we celebrated World Kindness Day on Monday, which filtered through to the rest of the week! We painted and decorated some beautiful rocks for us to place around the neighbourhood as an act of kindness. We have enjoyed going on walks around the local area to find the perfect places for their special rocks!

We have also got creative in our art studio this week, making some lovely pasta jewellery. We decided which type of pasta we wanted to use and threaded it onto our pieces of string. We modelled our creations proudly!

What fun we have had in the garden this week having running races. One of our adults drew us a racing track on the floor with chalk. We lined up waiting patiently for our turn. When it was our turn to race we got into our starting positions and waited for the "On your marks, get set, GO!"

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