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w/c 13th May 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week at Red Bus some of us took an exciting trip to the local farm, where we got to see sheep, ducks, geese and donkeys! We sat and we were fascinated watching them moving around the field eating the yummy food, we also got to have a snack and drink ourselves before heading back to nursery.

In the art area, we have been using our hands and senses to explore all the different coloured paint in the tuff tray. We stood back at the end to look at what beautiful patterns we had made and to give our hands a good wash.

Outside in the big garden, some us have been learning some new balancing skills which was to move along on some stilts. Carys first helped us to step onto each one asking us to hold the string in each hand. Cary's very slowly helped us move along by using one foot at a time we concentrated really hard and managed to do it we were so pleased with what we achieved.

To finish off the week we went back out into the big garden but this time we spent time on the trikes and scooters whizzing around the newly painted racing track!

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This week in Kindergarten, the children have been practicing their cutting skills lots! We started by cutting paper but the children looked around the craft area for other materials they could cut. The children found cardboard, tissue paper and even colourful feathers to cut! This gave the children a challenge as they had to push harder for some materials so it cut. At first, some of the children struggled to cut. However, with the adults support, by the end of the week some of the children were able to cut independently or with little support!

Last Friday we had a road drawn in our bike area! The children have loved riding the bikes and scooters on the road this week. They have been very good at staying in the lines! This has also supported children's learning of road safety as they have been waiting at the zebra crossings before they continued riding their bikes.

In the courtyard, the children engaged in a painting activity! We filled up spray bottles with paint and water. The children watched the adults demonstrate how to use the bottle. It was great fun watching the colours hit the paper! Using their fine motor skills, the children had a go themselves. They pulled the triggers on the spray bottles and watched the paint spray out onto the paper!

On the decking, we had a muddy activity set up in the tuff tray! The children hunted for the bugs in the mud. They also used the welly boots to splash in the water! The children were super careful not to squish the bugs when splashing and making welly boot prints!

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This week the Pre-School have been very busy. To start the week off, they helped put the shopping away. Once it got delivered to the Nursery, they went with Sam and another staff member to the dining room, where the shopping was. They then helped Sam to
put the correct shopping in the correct baskets for the right room. Once they had sorted the shopping out, they then went with Chanel to deliver it to the correct rooms!

They have also been very creative on the decking this week. Katie placed some large card up against the fence and place some paint in some trays on the floor. They were able to use different mark-making tools to to create different marks on the card.

Also this week Katie hung a big tarpaulin sheet up on decking. The children used their hands and paint brushes to express their feelings through paint on the tarpaulin sheet!

Inside this week, some of us were learning the Makaton sign for our names!

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