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w/c 12th February 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Nursery we have been very busy with a mixture of activities to celebrate Pancake Day!

We started the week by making playdough pancakes. We watched closely as Carys squeezed and flattened the dough to make it a pancake shape. With encouragement we had a go, getting stuck in using our fine motor skills to manipulate the dough. We then lifted them into our frying pans to 'cook' -  Carys was so thankful for a yummy snack! 

We also got to try some real pancakes - some of us remembered the cutting skills that we had learned the week before and got stuck in, using cutlery to break the pancake up into smaller pieces and pick it up with a fork. We also enjoyed some yummy strawberries, bananas, and blueberries on top! 

In the art area, things turned chilly as we explored painting with ice. It was very cold to the touch, but Jayla showed us what fun it was and with some encouragement, we got stuck in! We held each piece and moved it over the cardboard to make lots of marks. We were able to copy words such as 'blue' and 'red'! We were fascinated watching the ice move across as it started to melt. 

We also took part in some food tasting to open our minds to new flavours! We were offered lemon and lime slices, the adults encouraged us to have a little taste of each. Some of us were very brave and had a try - our taste buds went wild with the sour taste! We weren't sure, but came back from another try as we learned words like 'sour' and 'cold'. 

We also explored citrus fruits floating in the water tray, we collected them up in the fishing nets. We concentrated well and were able to use our hand-eye coordination to pick them up saying 'yay' when we managed it! 

To finish off the week we went out into the big garden - we ran straight over to the mud kitchen to explore a big saucepan full of mud! We used the spoons to mix it up, watching the mud move around in the pan. 

Our new Core Book for this term will be 'Shark in the Park' - so watch out for lots of activities starting next week! 

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This week in Kindergarten we have felt the love with music, outdoor play, crafts and the celebration of Valentine's Day and Pancake Day!

At the start of the week, the children joined in with a musical melody with Anna, who had brought her guitar in. She began to play some nursery rhymes, which we recognised! We sang along with lots of smiles and laughter. 

Kindergarten have also been developing their fine motor skills, making playdough pancakes! There was lots of rolling, flipping, and catching to be done, and the children had a great time discovering how to use all the different kitchen utensils! The best part was after all this fun and creativity, the children got to enjoy some freshly made pancakes with fruit. 

We celebrated Valentine's Day with a group discussion, talking about the meaning of the day. We shared who we loved in our lives, and even did some crafting by colouring in and sticking hearts on lollipop sticks! 

With the air so full of love, the children explored outdoor play with great motor skills with the basketball nets, balance beams, and hula hoops. 

Later in the week, Kindergarten had more fun with actual pancakes in the tuff tray - how exciting! The children all took turns with some sensory fun and fine motor skills, incorporating cutting, crumbling, and flipping. 

With the warmer weather begging to arrive, Kindergarten took their adventures out to the big garden and did some great creative play with the mud kitchen.

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This week in Pre-School we have had a very busy week. We have celebrated both Pancake Day and Valentine's Day which has been very exciting indeed! Not only did we get to watch Katie as she made pancakes on the fire outside, but we also got to explore
play dough! We made pancakes out of that as well, shaping them and putting them into the pan.

We spoke about what Valentine's Day means to us and who we love, and have made some cards for our loved ones. We have also made some delicious shortbread biscuits. We made the mixture which was a lovely pink colour, helped to roll it out, and cut it into heart shapes with our cutters.

Loose parts play with our new maths unit has been a huge hit with everyone this week! It has been lovely to use the open-ended resources in a range of ways, using our imaginations and skills to explore and find out about new resources. This might be a favourite area in the room now!

Outside we have loved exploring the bubbles in the tuff tray. We made giant bubbles by using the hula hoops in the bubble mixture, it was so cool to watch!

On Friday we had a splashing good time at Ashton Court! We wrapped up in our waterproofs and wellies, ready to explore all the muddy puddles. We had a great time jumping in the water and the mud - squish!

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