KG (6)

w/c 11th September 2023
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week the babies have been really helpful in and around the room! We enjoy singing our tidy-up song and are getting more confident with knowing where all the toys belong. We like being independent and helping the adults out.
Whilst we were being helpful Jayla got us involved in making some new play-doh! We took turns alongside our friends to add in all the different ingredients needed such as flour, conditioner, and baby oil. We listened well to Jayla's instructions and enjoyed being part of the process of adding, mixing and working the ingredients into a dough. It was hard work but we worked together and helped each other lots by all taking turns to stir the bowl!
In our role play area we explored some real world items to enhance our learning. We have been donated some technology equipment and this week we incorporated it into our imaginative play! We went to work, typed some letters and used the phones to call some clients. This type of play supports our Personal, Social and Emotional development where we can interact with our friends, build confidence and strengthen the bond between us and our key worker!
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This week in Kindergarten we have been exploring lots of different activities! We continued our dinosaur theme this week by exploring a dinosaur world out on the decking tuff tray. We had leaves, grass, and big and small dinosaurs! We learned about the concepts of big and small by comparing the dinosaurs to each other, seeing if we could recognise which ones were the same!

We have also been engaging in some water play this week to stay cool! We have been using the pipettes by squeezing the balloon part to suck the water into the tube, we then squeezed to push all the water out and watched as it splashed back at us! We have also been using watering cans to make our water mill turn, we poured the water in and watched as it spun round and round!

We finished off our week with a trip to the farm! We saw lots of different animals such as chickens, geese, ducks, horses and a donkey! We looked at all the different animals and listened to the sounds they were making- some of them were very noisy! After we had walked around and looked at all the different animals we sat down for a drink of water and a snack, what a lovely morning at the farm!

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This week in Pre-School we have been working on our fine motor skills to strengthen our finger muscles! We have enjoyed a lot of fun messy activities including play dough and sand exploration, threading with pasta and mark making in flour using our fingers!

We've shown a big interest in constructing recently and have been using construction materials to create some wonderful imaginative structures. We also had the opportunity to use the woodworking bench and tools this week which has been a big hit. We understand how to stay safe; we put on our safety goggles and have been taught how to use the tools safely. Some lovely pieces have been made to take home.

Also this week we put our sorting skills to good use! We are reading the Elmer stories and talking a lot about colours so we have done some colour sorting and matching with a range of resources!

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