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w/c 11th March 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Nursery we took part in a sensory activity with fruit! Jenny first talked about the different fruits on the tuff tray - lemons, oranges, limes - and we were encouraged to pick a fruit each to smell and touch. Jenny prompted us to repeat the name of each fruit, and some of us were able to! She then went on to show us how to dip each fruit half into paint and use it like a stamp - we couldn't wait to have a go! The end result was lots of interesting patterns all over the paper. 

We also had the chance to make some yummy crispy rice cakes with Jayla. We sat around the table and popped our hair nets on - holding the spoons firmly in our hands, we used hand-eye coordination to mix the cereal in with the melted white chocolate. Once everything was all mixed up, we were able to transfer the mixture into cake cases! We were able to repeat words like 'yummy' and 'cake' - we were so excited to take them home and eat them up!

Spring is here and the weather is getting warmer, so we're spending lots of time in the big garden exploring everything our amazing bodies can do. We got stuck in, using our gross motor skills to pull ourselves up onto the slide and down the other side! We've also been practicing with the football - we can now kick it around the garden and to our adults independently! 

We also explored the giant sandpit this week. The adults encouraged us to do some digging with the spades and hand tools - we got stuck in, working together with our friends to make big holes and sandcastles! We learned new words such as 'dig' and 'sand'. The adults had also hidden some pebbles in the sand which we tried to dig out - we were so happy when we discovered them! 

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This week in Kindergarten we explored a farm themed tuff tray inspired by our core book 'The Little Red Hen'! In the tray there was rice, pasta, different dry cereals, and small world animals and people. We got stuck in, exploring the texture of the different food by picking it up in our hands and crumbling it together! 

We also took a trip to Nailsea Library this week. We got on the bus, and listened really well to the adults who asked us to stay sat down and hold on. We sang 'The Wheels on the Bus' on the way, and once we arrived at the library we returned the books we took out last time and picked out some new ones! We also explored the cosy corner of the library, reading through books with our friends. 

Back at Red Bus, we explored some water play! The water had been dyed red and we were encouraged to use the beakers, tubes and funnels. We enjoyed repeating the process of filling up the containers and flipping them over to watch the water pour back out! 

Spring is coming so we've been doing some gardening too, planting some runner beans. We took a close look at the beans, exploring their colour and texture, then added them to pots filled with soil. Jo explained to us that the bean is sleeping right now, but with some water and warmth it will wake up and start to sprout - wow! 

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This week in Pre School we have been practising our balancing skills! Using only two chairs and a strip of sellotape, we were challenged to carefully balance small objects onto the tape. To do this we really had to use our very gentle hands so we didn't knock off the other balancing items!

We've been really interested in football lately! Some of us have been wearing our football kits into Pre-School. So in the tuff tray we created our own football pitch! We created our own red and yellow cards. We discussed how you needed to have two yellow cards to have a red card, which meant you would be sent off the pitch. Of course we had to have two teams.... Bristol City versus Bristol Rovers - I wonder who will win!

And lastly using cardboard tubes we designed our very own telescopes. We chose to create decorative designs on them using a range of mark-making tools and made our way onto the decking to look up into the sky. From our telescopes we could see birds, clouds and aeroplanes. We tried all different movements standing up, standing on a ledge and lying down to get the best view of the sky!

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