w/c 10th June 2024
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week at Red Bus Nursery we started by exploring all the different colour playdough! From pink and blue, with a variety of different shape cutters, we sat at the table and used our fine motor skills to touch the dough at first, and with some help from an adult we used the cutter to make shapes! 

The nursery our Core Book is now The Three Little Pigs! We have been sitting nicely to listen to the story during Time Together looking at the pigs and the wolf. In the garden and art area we have got involved in activities based around the story using foam blocks and squishy foam to build a house! We got stuck in, taking our time to place each brick with the foam in between.

In sand land this week we had an exciting tuff tray with shells and sea animals to explore! We took turns to search for the animals hidden in the sand saying words like "wow“. When we found each one of the animals,  the adults encouraged us to repeat words like "shell” and "starfish“. 

We have also spent time making food and cups of tea for the grown ups in the home corner, and exploring all the different toys from mirrors and stacking pots! 

To finish the week we did some painting in the tuff tray! We held the paint brushes firmly in our hands and moved it around to make lots of patterns on the paper  then some of us took a trip down to the sandpit where we helped our friends to dig and build sandcastles! 

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This week in Kindergarten we have been feeling musical! We explored the keyboard, experimenting with pressing buttons to see what happened. We've also explored our percussive instruments, making lots of loud and quiet noises!

We also got stuck into a farm tuff tray on the decking! We discovered toy cows, pigs and sheep, moving them around on the grass and mud. We then made sounds effects, miming the animals eating the wheetabix - yum yum!

Back inside we also made some blue playdough with Tash! We sat at the table and did some great waiting for our turns. We then helped stir the dough until it formed a ball, then played with it!

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This week in Pre-School we have been taking an opportunity to talk about everyone’s feelings. We did this by reading a book about emotion monsters, playing with the emotion monster teddies, games and flash cards! We then drew pictures and wrote a discussion of what we did on the weekend to share with our friends!

There’s been potion making, play dough and sensory objects in our tuff tray this week which has been a blast to play with! We have also talked about being super heroes and what powers we would have. Pre-School have mastered putting their own shoes on again this week, we’re all so so proud! 

In the garden we have been flying our homemade kites, playing on the balance bikes, climbing through tunnels and dancing! Finally to end the week we had a special treat and went to the big screen to play some games! Well done Pre-School for another amazing week, hope you have a brilliant weekend! 

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