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w/c 27th November 2023
This Week at Flax Bourton


This week in Nursery we've put our best foot forward and stepped into CHRISTMAS!

We started the week exploring and hanging up some decorations. We were fascinated by the large baubles, they were smooth and shiny to look at and feel and would knock together as we touched them. The adults put the Christmas tree together and we got to help decorate it.

We continued to use our senses when playing in some different themed tuff trays. Using our fingers we made marks and lines in flour to create many different images. With some leftover decorations, we explored them in the art studio. The adults added them to the tuff tray and we looked, listened, and felt what they were made of and what they looked like. 

With Carys, some of us helped to make some magical reindeer food! We poured all the ingredients that we needed into a bowl and then took turns mixing it all together, saying the magic words, and voila!!

We have also focused this week on our fine motor skills. We like to use playdough to support us to mould, shape and manipulate the dough between our fingers. Using accessories we then work the playdough into different shapes. 

During our Time Together we are supported by the adults to practice our counting. We enjoy participating in this exercise and are beginning to carry this skill through into our play!

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This week in Kindergarten has been fun-packed and full of the Christmas spirit! At the beginning of the week we took a winter stroll to Gatcome Farm, stretching our legs and developing our physical development. We arrived to a noisy welcome from the geese! On the trip, we saw horses, hens, ducks and sheep. We began to sing 'Old MacDonald' and 'Baa Baa Black Sheep' together and explored mathematical fun by counting how many animals we could see. It was a fun adventure and a great way to discover our local community! 

Later in the week we donned our chef hats to make some Very Hungry Caterpillar biscuits! We talked about keeping clean and looking after ourselves by washing our hands first. We listened really well to the story, and talked about the different colours and food we saw in the book. We then dove in to the best part - stirring up the icing and decorating the biscuits! We also carefully topped them with some little sprinkles - yummy!

It's been feeling festive in Kindergarten, we got into the Christmas spirit by decorating the tree in our room! We got to choose where we placed each decoration, and noticed how shiny the baubles where. The Christmas season has now begun! 

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This week in Pre-School we have had an exciting new addition to the room - a new role play unit! This month it's been transformed into our Pre-School shop, and it's been a big hit with customers and shop keepers alike. We've been taking on our roles, selling lots of different things and using the till. It's been so much fun!

We've been exploring our Core Book on a deeper level by making stick man from clay! We manipulated and shaped the clay using various tools and our fingers. We got very messy!

We have been interested in clocks and telling time recently, so we took a look at the clock that normally lives on the wall. We talked about the two hands, that the small hand points to the hour and the larger one points to the minute. We counted up the numbers around the edge too!

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