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w/c 8th January 2024
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been every so busy! We have been on a trip to the local supermarket. The children saw lots of fruit and veg they even had snacks on their travels!

With the start of the new term we have been exploring ournew Core Book - 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'! We have been looking at different body parts in the book and the children have been completing the body part puzzles by matching the pieces to were the correct body parts go! Nursery have also been using Mr Potato Head and adding body parts such as his eyes, nose, ears and mouth!

In the role play room Nursery have been exploring imaginative play, making cups of tea and coffee for their peers and practitioners! They have been turning the role-play kettle on and off, listening to the sounds of it bubbling. ITS READY!!!!

Outside in the garden babies have been wrapping up warm as its very cold outside, brrrrr! Outside they have been pushing tractors along the grass and on the bunny balancing beams. We have also liked our new car garage, we took turns with our friends to push the cars up and down by watching how fast the cars travel.

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It's been a busy week in Kindergarten! We have have enjoyed doing lots of role play. We have been builders and we have been learning all about the different tools - hammers for putting nails into wood, saws for cutting cut woo, and so son. Our adults explained to us how to keep safe when using tools as they can be sharp and dangerous if not used properly. We then pretended to use the saw to cut wood!

In the Yurt, we have been taking care of our toy babies. The children enjoyed feeding them some yummy food whilst the babies have been sat in the high chair!

This week we have been using the magnetic blocks to build with. We learned the names of the shapes such as square , triangle and rectangle. They then made some really cool structures with them.

The children have also enjoyed some mark making. They used different coloured pens and learned how to hold a pen using the pincer grasp. This can be a little tricky!

Some of the children have been enjoying exploring our new technology. We have a light table. We learned that it needs electricity for it to work. It has to be plugged in for it to light

We have been using our senses to explore the sensory mats. We used words such as bumpy, smooth and colourful. This helped us to develop our vocabulary.

In the garden we have been doing some mark making in the tray using paint. We used paint brushes for this. Before we went outside our adults explained to us about how important it is to wrap up warm as it's so cold. We need hats coats and gloves. This helps us to keep warm so that we can have fun in the garden. In the garden we have been whizzing around the garden on our trikes!

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This week in Pre-School we had lots of fun with shredded paper! There was small toy fruit hidden in the tray, the children were challenged to find them using the tweezers. We then tried to sort the fruit into the corresponding colour pot!

Using the little wooden bricks Pre-School wanted to make a enormous ladder to climb 'up to the moon'. We then discussed what we seen and found on the moon - what amazing imaginative play!

Using unicorn shapes we made lovely shaped pictures splashed with a little bit of unicorn magic!

In the sensory room we joined in with Meddy Teddy to do our yoga exercises. We listened carefully to the story and did a great job of copying some of the poses that teddy showed us! 

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