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w/c 7th August 2023
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery, babies have been on an adventure! Joining in with one of our favourite stories “We're going on a bear hunt”. The children listened to Chelsea carefully whilst she read the book. Following the story and acting it out made for great fun and learning!

Back inside we have been feeling textures of spaghetti rainbow using paper to press down and create marks. We have also been celebrating the balloon fiesta where we have been designing our own balloons creating cool marks by sticking, gluing and painting with different materials such as sequins.

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This week in Kindergarten we have been talking about our outdoor environment. The children collected leaves, flowers and fresh herbs from around the garden to make an outdoor potions tray. The children mixed the ingredients together with water and crushed up fresh herbs to add different scents to our potions.

We also created a water tray with pipes and tubes to pour the water down. We made the water blue by mixing it with paint and the bottom of the tray white water, the water rushed down the tube and created a light blue colour as it mixed with the white. The children spoke about mixing colours together and what colour they would make.

Back inside the children been busy creating lion masks to celebrate world lion day! They used different coloured tissue paper and glue to decorate their masks and add lots of colours to their lions.

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This week it's been all about Hot Air Balloons! We talked about how they stay up in the sky and then we made some in our room! 

Outside we have been having lots of fun creating music using different items such as pots and pans. We also made lovely homes for snails and bugs who live in the garden.

Back inside we practised our hand and eye coordination using ribbon to thread through the wooden circles.


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