DE B 7

w/c 6th November 2023
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been taking part in activities related to Remembrance Sunday. We created poppies using paper plates, painting them red!

We also explored some sensory rice play, which had been shaped into a poppy. We loved picking up handfuls of the rice and slowly tipping it back down onto the tray!

We also celebrated Diwali which is coming up this weekend! We explored a tuff tray rangoli made from glitter, colourful salt, paint and pom poms!

Outside in the garden we have been using paintbrushes and water to 'paint' the chalk board! We were curious to see what would happen, and tried a variety of interesting patterns and marks!

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This week in Kindergarten Alaska’s dog called Evie came to visit us! We spoke to the children about how we need to use kind hands when we stroke Evie. We spoke about what dogs like to eat and drink and how dogs love to go for long walks. We learned that Evie felt very fluffy!

Outside in the garden we have been discussing how the leaves are starting to fall off of the trees and how they change colours. We collected the leaves and some of the children were able to tell us that they were “brown” we also learned that the leaves sounded crunchy when you held them.

Some of the children in Kindergarten have been learning to ride the scooters. We learned that it can be a little bit tricky balancing on one leg! The children were able to balance on the scooter and move around in the garden safely and carefully navigating any obstacles in the way!

Inside we have been playing with the playdough. We used different rolling pins with different textures on them. This made some really cool patterns in the play dough!

We have also been looking at the books. The children of kindergarten love a good story! Lots of fun had by everyone :)

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At the start of this week in Pre-School, we were so excited to come in and talk about our weekends! Some of us had been to see bonfire and fireworks displays, as well as seeing them from our own houses! We tried making our own 'bonfire' in the tuff tray, building up the wooden blocks. We made sure to put the small world people a safe distance away from the fire too.

We've also been flexing our independence, pouring our own drinks at snack time! We showed great concentration using the jug to pour milk into our own cups.

We were also interested in our feelings this week, as we read the story of the Colour Monster! We took turns sharing how we each felt that day, and recognized the different colours in the book.

We also tried making some imaginary 'cupcakes' using coloured foam and sprinkles!

We've also been decorating our window with lots of poppies, to commemorate Remembrance Day!

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