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w/c 5th February 2024
This Week at Downend


Over the weekend some of our families will be celebrating Lunar New Year! The children have been looking at different red objects and pictures. We hope all our families who celebrate this event have a lovely time!

We have also made some feeders for the birds, which we will leave on our rooftop garden. We helped Daisy mix the bird seeds and lard into a large bowl and molded them into different using shape cutters. We are leaving them over the weekend to set, and we will hang them outside and watch if any birds will come!

In the art studio we have been mixing gel, food colouring, and paint to see what happened. The foamy mixture turned into puffy paint! We enjoyed using brushes to create marks and paint with the puff paint!

It's coming up to Pancake Day, so we have been busy making 'pancakes' in a sensory tray with flour, water, and lemons. The children enjoyed doing this activity with Bec!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been doing some baking. For this, we went down to the dining room. We made biscuits! We took it in turns to weigh out the ingredients. We measured out butter, flour, and sugar. The adults explained to the children where the ingredients came from. After we weighed out the ingredients, we took it in turns to mix them. After the ingredients were mixed it formed a dough. The children then rolled out the dough and used the cutters to cut the biscuits out. Our adult then took it to the kitchen so that Mark could cook them for us!

Back in Kindergarten, we have been using our mathematics skills. We have been using the worms to do this. The children have been using flash cards to help develop their speech and language development skills!

For our physical development, we have been practicing our fine motor skills by doing some mark-making. Out in the garden, we have also been developing our gross motor skills. We did this by trying to throw the small hoops over the cones. Well done Kindergarten! :-)

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This week in Pre-School we got into the carnival spirit! We discussed how Rio Carnival started this week, which is in a country called Brazil. We looked at photos of the celebrations and decided to make our masks using pom-poms, glitter and feathers. We stuck everything down carefully, then put our masks on for a carnival-themed dance party!

We have also been practicing our independence this week, having fun by taking our shoes and socks off and putting them into a big pile! We were then challenged to find our shoes and socks and put them back on - whilst also talking about the importance of our feet, how they help us balance, and counting our toes! 8, 9, 10 toes!!

We've also spent time at our Woodwork bench this week, learning how to use the woodwork tools safely whilst hammering, screw driving, and creating our own designs!

This week we also listened to the story of the Colour Monster, listening very carefully - we enjoyed watching the pop-ups inside and discussing what we could see. Choosing our props we joined in helping bring the story to life and also coloured our monsters in!  

We also celebrated Safer Internet Day with Jo, by reading stories and learning how to use the technology equipment and internet safely.

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