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w/c 4th March 2024
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been getting ready for Mother's Day this weekend! In the art studio we have been making cards, using lots of different resources. We dabbed on paint with brushes, tried stamping with construction blocks, and even experimented with gluing down ribbon and sequins. What lovely pictures we ended up with!

We also celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters. We also brought in some of our favourite books from home, which we shared with our adults. We loved turning the pages together and pointing out everything we could see!

Out on the rooftop garden we have been playing with the sand! Our adults helped us to make sandcastles, showing us the steps to create them. We did a great job of following along! We've also been whizzing along on the push bikes, using our core and leg muscles to go really fast - whoosh!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been celebrating World Book Day! Both adults and children dressed up as characters from their favourite stories. We really enjoyed listening to songbooks - the Animal Boogie is our favourite - we join in with the actions and sing along too! We've also been exploring our Book Nook, reading books independently and with our adults. 

We've also been exploring some sensory play with a tray full of coloured water, inspired by the book 'George's Marvellous Medicine'! We used pipettes to suck up the water and shoot it out - splash - and added pom poms to the water for a new experience. 

Sand Land has also been very popular this week, we enjoyed putting our small world animals into the tray and trying to feed them!

Some of our youngest children have just moved into our room from Nursery, so we have spent lots of dedicated time helping them to settle in. There have been lots of reassuring cuddles, and talking about changes and emotions we might be feeling!

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Another fun week in Pre-School, starting with the children’s keen interest in board games and small group time activities where they are often choosing to take part in team games! The children chose the Bus Stop game today and take turns to move their people along the spaces and their mathematical skills in counting and recognising numbers.

We have been going down to the dining room to take part in small group activities, where the children discussed their feelings. Aneka used “Cold Prickle and Warm Fuzzy” to help the children articulate and understand and discuss emotions. Afterwards, the children drew their own feelings, and described what they felt like in the pictures and why.

More mathematical skills in the garden using the ladybird mats to count numbers, hop along, navigate the spaces around the children and to recognise and count numbers. This was also a fun way to get the children’s bodies moving, with the chilly weather that day, the children were quick to warm up and discuss the impact this had on their bodies “I’m so hot now.” “My hearts going boom boom because I jumped on all the ladybirds’ heads!”

WORLD BOOK DAY! Can you spot some of your favourite book characters? Thank you to all of those who joined in with World Book Day (7th) From Dragons to Peter Rabbit and everything in-between. The children also took part in an activity with Lee and made their very own The Hungry Caterpillar headbands – which links in with Pre-Schools Focus book. The children were also able to take part in a World Book Day Hunt looking for various characters from some of their favourite stories. “My favourite book is Super Worm! I like when he gets that crow and if I was Super worm, I’d be so strong!”

Pre-School took a trip to Oldbury Court this week, exploring the forest area and they even took some books to read with them, the children climbed on the trees and listened to the outdoor sounds that they could hear and different things they could see. The children also visited the Library on Friday to explore new books, or existing favourites!

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Mother's Day Afternoon Tea

Thank you to all the Mothers and Grandmothers who came today, it was so lovely to see you all and have you join in with our activities and see the children spend time with those that they love and wanted to celebrate today J

In Pre-School we had a sensory exploration tray of water beads, hearts and fuzzy felt flowers for the children to enjoy playing with. “I love holding them in my hand (beads) Shauni, they’re cold.” “I like flowers and my Mummy will love the purple flower.”

There was a craft station on the table for children to make their own “Love message in a bottle” for the person they love. The children added small heart beads and wrote a message on the label. “I love my Daddy and my Mummy.” “My Nana can have the pink heart and my Mummy can have the red heart for love.”

We had our very own Mother’s Day Spa, the children took off their socks and shoes and squished the water beads between their toes. There was a makeup table with lipstick and eyeshadows to complete makeovers for the guests and we had relaxing music playing in the background. “I want to put my feet in there, they are so squishy and tickly on my toes.”

Outside there was a tea party on the grass area where the children enjoyed selecting cakes and various flavoured tea “Grandma, you get the strawberry cake one and I can have the chocolate cake.” “Mummy do you want the yellow tea, I think its lemon. Do you like that one?” And on the decking area we had a sunflower gardening activity. We hope to see some pictures of your sunflowers as they grow!

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