w/c 4th December 2023
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been coming in each morning excited to find our Elf (or Elves!) on the Shelf! Elliot and Elfie have been getting up to mischief in our nursery room, one day they made snow angels out of our cereal, the other they drew felt tip glasses all over the faces of our toys!

In the art room we have been making Christmas crowns to wear during Christmas Dinner. Not only did we love wearing our crowns, but Christmas dinner was delicious - thank you so much to Mark and Sarah for making it!

We also explored lots of other festive crafts, using stamps and creating Christmas pictures! 

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We've had such a festive week in Pre-School, crammed full of Christmassy activities! We loved getting stuck into some Christmasy Arts & Crafts, making snowmen from white paint, and decorating our own tree decorations!

We also loved our Christmas dinner this week, we spent a lot of time talking about each of the ingredients and which one was our favourite. We talked about how some of us prefer gravy, whilst some of us don't!

We also had a very special Christmas performance at the local church. Our mums and dads came along to watch us perform, we remembered the words and actions to the songs well and sung ever so loud and clear! The adults were so proud of us for having a go and sharing this time with our families.  

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