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w/c 3rd June 2024
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery, we have been helping to plant our tomatoes in the garden! We used the spade and poured soil into the tray, we found wriggly worms and bugs in it! The children then helped water the plants using the watering can.

We have also been building lots with foam blocks! We placed blocks on top of each other, building tall towers and then knocking them over to rebuild them again! We also used the mirrored blocks to build with.

We have also been cooking this week, making cupcakes! We helped put the ingredients into a bowl and mixed it all together. We also made banana cookies too - yum!

In the art room we have been exploring chia seeds - we experienced their squishy, slimy texture alongside the toy frogs - ribbit ribbit!

We have also been enjoying our new Core Book 'Love Makes a Family'. We have been listening to the story alongside the small-world people, and completing puzzles by matching them to the right space. 

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This week in Kindergarten we took a trip to the park! It was quite a long walk there but it was worth it once we arrived, we had so much fun on all the activities!

Back at Red Bus we have spent lots of time playing with the weighing scales. We are beginning to understand cause and effect, by adding and removing toys into the bowl we noticed the arrow on the scale would move!

We also worked together in the Pre-School garden, where we played imaginatively as a group. We found a cog which became the steering wheel for our crate car!

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This week in Pre-School we have become even more confident exploring the Woodwork station! We now have a great awareness of all the tools and what they do, and have started to create more intricate structures. We decided to make space rockets!

With this lovely warm weather we have been taken some of our favorite books outside to read in the sunshine! We have been sharing our favourite stories with our peers, explaining the characters and pictures we could see on the page.

We've also been investigating a mini-swamp! It was full of dinosaurs and sea creatures, we enjoyed moving the objects through the gloop and sand mixing the textures.

We've also been exploring the multi-sensory foam! It had added colour and smell, we explored this and used our words to describe what we were experiencing!

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