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w/c 2nd October 2023
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been taking turns cutting our own fruit for snack time! We each sat down at the table with a staff member and were shown how to slice the fruit and had help with the apple cutter.

We have also been playing football together! We took turns sharing the ball, picking it up, and kicking back and forth to each other.

We have also been exploring the tuff tray full of pasta, feathers, and different materials! We used pots and jugs to scoop out the pasta and would put it back in with our hands by sprinkling it in.

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This week in Kindergarten we have been learning all about how the seasons have changed! We have been learning how leaves change colour and fall off the tree. We also noticed how the weather becomes a little colder and wetter.

Some of the children went on a conker walk! We are lucky enough to have a conker tree in the front garden at Red Bus. We talked about how conkers grow on trees, and grow inside a protective case. When the conkers are ready, they fall off of the tree and then we have lots of fun collecting them and playing with them! The children really enjoyed learning all about the seasonal changes.

We have also been using wallpaper to draw on. We talked about the texture of the paper-  some of us described it as "bumpy". We had lots of fun developing our fine motor skills and we used lots of different colours. We were also very good at sharing!

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This week in Pre-School, we have been really interested in the story of Elmer the Patchwork Elephant! The adults helped further our learning by inviting us to make elephant collages, we noticed the colours matched the ones Elmer himself as we focused on gluing the pieces to the paper! 

In the garden we have been using our science collection containers, which encourages us to focus on the natural world around us and what we potentially collect and look at. After a while we noticed the containers also looked like glasses and thought it was very funny to look through them!

We have also been helping the adults set up some invitations to play on the tuff tray. We collected some natural resources from the garden and spent time sorting them by type and size. We also helped to create a 'world' tray, we discussed each toy animal and where we thought it might live - does it live in the sea, or on land?

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