DE B 15

w/c 29th January 2024
This Week at Downend


Another busy week in Nursery! To start the week we have been super helpers, taking part in some cooking. The children helped Chelsea and Daisy to make Banana Bites. They followed the instructions well - firstly they helped pour the ingredients into a large bowl adding flour, mashed banana, and oats. They helped by mashing the banana using a potato masher and a fork! The children watched the adults and took part in rolling the dough into a ball and using their hands to feel the texture. Yum!

In the main room, we explored sensory bags that the adults had made that were full of different things such as water, pom poms, shaving foam, rice, pasta, paint, and more! The babies have been using their feet and hands to feel the texture and explore what's inside them.

In the Art room, we have been exploring a vehicle tuff tray pushing the cars around onto the tray and noticing the different features we can see. They really enjoyed this tuff tray... beep beep!

We have also loved our new dressing up, we enjoyed dressing up as a fire engine and wearing the fireman's hat. Lastly this week we have been outside on the rooftop garden drawing animals on the chalkboard alongside the adults.

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This week in Kindergarten we have been really busy. We have enjoyed playing with the puzzles. One of the puzzles was a clock, this helped with our mathematical skills. The children were able to learn the numbers on the clock and needed a little bit of support from our adults to recognise the numbers and put them in the correct spot. The children also really enjoyed the animal puzzle. We talked about the different types of animals we could see whilst doing the puzzle.

In the garden, we have been doing some mark-making with our new chalks. This helped us to develop our fine motor skills and allowed us to talk about the different colours. Our pictures were beautiful!

Whilst in the garden the children have been whizzing around the garden on the bikes. We were so fast, which also helped us develop our gross motor skills. Back inside Kindergarten, we have been looking after our poorly babies. They used the doctor's kit to see if the babies had a temperature. We used a thermometer for this. We spoke to our adults about what a baby would need when they are poorly. We learned that a doctor might be needed to help us feel better. We also learned the names of the equipment in the kit!

We have also had fun playing with some sand. We pushed our trucks through the sand and looked at the patterns it left behind! This was so much fun!

Technology has also been part of the Kindergarten's play this week. We learned how to use the equipment and what they are used for. We used TV remotes, telephones, and a computer mouse. The children were able to tell us what they are used for and how to use
them! Lots of fun was had by all this week!

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This week in Pre-School we have been exploring printing resources! We had lots of different resources to choose from, and we experimented with the different shaped stamps. We pressed them into paint and then to paper, recognising the different shapes we made!

We've also been exploring the importance of self-care with a hand-washing activity. The adults talked us through the steps of washing our hands, and we talked about how important it is to keep clean and keep germs away!

We've also been role-playing with a sensory afternoon tea! We explored foamy, bubbly 'coffee' complete with sprinkles, enjoying the sensation of the bubbles. 

There was more sensory exploration as we took part in a 'disco dough' activity! We made the dough whilst listening to music, moving and stretching our arms and fingers to the beat.

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