DE B 11

w/c 29th April 2024
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been using clingfilm to create marks and paint! We noticed what could happen when creating marks, experimenting with lines, circles, and even adding one paint to another!

We have a new indoor rainbow tunnel which we have LOVED! We have been crawling through the tunnel to get to the other side, as well as showing kindness and patience by allowing our friends to have a go too, and taking turns. 

Outside in the big garden some of the older children have been using the basketball net! The adults showed them how to throw the ball, aiming to get it through the net - they all clapped for us and gave us lots of praise whether we made it to the target or not!

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This week in Kindergarten the children have been having lots of fun. We have been using our slide in the garden. This helped with our gross motor skills. We learned how to climb the steps on the slide carefully and holding on without any toys in our hands. It's important that our peers gave us space to do this safely!

It has been a week of sensory play and exploring. The children have
been playing with flour. They used hands and brushes to make patterns. Playing with soil has been really popular. For this we used spades and small gardening forks. Together we talked about what soil is used for and how it helps plants to grow. We then enjoyed filling up our pots and emptying it back out! Some of us were lucky enough to go and use the interactive tv in preschool. We used the drawing feature and we made some marks with our hands on the tv! This was really cool!

Back in side Kindergarten we have been developing our maths skills. This was done by using a number puzzle. This also helped us to learn to count as we had to count the pictures on the puzzle and match it with the correct number!

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This week in Pre-School we took part in an activity all about recycling! The children talked about the different things that they recycle at home, and watched a short video showing us how glass bottles and jars are recycled. After we played a sorting game where we had to place the different items into the correct recycling bin. 

We also used the dining room space to make our own fruit salad! We listened to the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and talked about the different fruits that he ate. Next we cut up all the different fruits to make our fruit salad, once cut we placed them in to a bowl and gave them a good mix. Afterwards Mark gave us the challenge of cutting up all the broccoli for tonight’s tea - what a great responsibility! 

We took part in an activity all about patterns! We looked at patterns we were wearing, and listened to the story of Elmer who is a patchwork patterned elephant! We then we drew pictures of our favourite patterns and also looked around the dining room to see what we could find.

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