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w/c 28th August 2023
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been exploring ice! The adults had used different shaped trays to create the ice, so we were challenged to pick up a variety of shapes. We incorporated food colouring into our play, using the pipettes to drip-drip-drip onto the ice! We had to go very slowly with the pipettes, exercising lots of hand muscle control, and watched carefully to see what effects the dye had on the ice! 

Outside on the rooftop garden we have been using syringes which were filled with paint! We were fascinated by this, watching what happened and noticed the paint squirt out and make colourful pictures!

We have also been developing our fine motor motor skills by matching the fruit with the correct colour of the bowls. We did a great job of trying to move the fruit into the right places, and we pointed out all the fruit we recognised and like!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been enjoying our outdoor environment! We helped to create an underwater themed tray in the garden, looking at all the different sea animals and using containers to transfer the water around the tray.

We have also enjoyed running around playing football, using our feet to kick the ball across the garden and seeing how far it can go! We also created a water tray with the pipes and tubes to pour the water down. We made the water green by mixing it with paint, and watched as the water rushed down the tube to create a big splash at the bottom!

Back inside we have been getting stuck into our Core Book, "We're Going on a Bear Hunt"! We picked the story spoons to use whilst the practitioners read it aloud to us. The spoons allowed us to get really involved in the story, picking up each character and environment as it appeared in the book!

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This week in Pre-School we have had a real interest in dinosaurs! We looked at our toy dinos, noticing that they were all different sizes and colours. We then looked at themed books, and learned that dinosaurs are now skeletons and fossils that we find in the ground!

We're still spending lots of time with the loose parts play, working out lots of different ways we can build and create together. We were particularly proud of our race car!

We found out that the 31st August is National Daffodil Day! So we talked a lot about the flower, and decided to paint our own. We used green, yellow and orange paint and remembered the different parts of a flower - the petal, the stems and the leaves!

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