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w/c 27th November 2023
This Week at Downend


Nursery this week have started to get festive, they have been helpers by helping Chelsea & Helen decorate our room Christmas tree! They listened to Christmas music while adding the decorations. Once we finished we counted to five - 1,2,3,4,5...and then enjoyed watching Chelsea turn the colourful lights on!

In the art studio we loved being really creative this week. We created marks in the shiny foil, using different art utensils such as paint brushes, rollers and even used our hands! We then joined in on another activity by using vegetables - dipping them into paint and stamping it onto our paper creating all different shapes.

Lastly this week we have explored cornflour and baby lotion! We explored what would happen when mixing them together and feeling the texture.

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This week in Kindergarten for cultural capital we went for a nature walk. We had fun playing in the leaves and we had snack too. We had so much learning about all the natural things we can see!

Back in the room we have learned all about colours. We used the colourful stacking rings for this. We have also been making some decorations for the tree. Once the decorations had dried we put them on our Christmas tree. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

The yurt has been transformed into a role play room and we have been feeding the babies.

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This week in Pre-School we have been doing lots of role play, pretending to run a pizza shop. Some children were taking the orders and others were using the recipe card to talk about and tell each other which items they need to make the pizza, then the children would use the phone to call for people to come and collect their food!

We have written letters to santa, and have been busy decorating the Christmas tree, Christmas decorations and props ready for our Christmas Carol evening next week! The children have been inspired by all the art happening that they’ve asked for lots of different mark-making resources – pens, pencils, paint, stamps, dabbers, foil and cotton wool have all been items we’ve used this week.

This week has been transition week and we’ve had some new faces appear in the room – it has been lovely to see you all exploring the new rooms and resources and inspired Pre-School children who have been in the room for a while to find old favourites such as the trains, the children did great team work and skill building to complete the track.

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