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w/c 27th May 2024
This Week at Downend


Let’s see what Nursery have been up to this week...

Outside in the garden we have been creating nature pictures using leaves picked up from around the garden! We then created a picture using what we used and showing the adults the results of what we made. It started to rain while we were outside playing so we came prepared and used the umbrella to keep us dry which we loved holding!

In the dining room some of us have been making some delicious smoothies with Bethany. That helped cut up bananas and berries and placed them into a jug. Once they finished doing this they helped add fruit into the blender with help from Bethany. The children made some smoothies for our friends which they had for snack. Yum!

Lastly we have been exploring oil where we used the pippettes and squeezing different colours into it and noticing what would may happen. And mixing the colours together to see what might happen!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been super busy, we started the week exploring a Monkey Puzzle tray for our Term 5 Core Book! The children used puppets to act out the story in the tray stopping them all though the leaves and mud to help the monkey find it's mummy. We have also been practicing our writing skills, tracing over dots that join together to make letters of the children’s names. We have also been exploring a super messy shaving foam tray making cakes using foam and he cake mix with the coloured rice to decorate the top of our cakes.

Out in the garden we’ve been exploring the environment going on a bug hunt. We set off with our magnifying glasses looking for lots of different bugs In their natural habitat. We halve also been using our imagination akin a dinosaurs then collected different materials for construction corner to create the perfect hoe for our dinosaurs. To end the week we have been enjoying the sunshine doing lots of digging in our mud kitchen making mud soup for all or friends in Kindergarten. 

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This week in Pre-School we have been focusing on the construction area. We created a pirate ship – AHOY! During the week we have also been working on our mathematics skills working on the coloured fruit setting them in the match coloured circles. 

During the end of the week we have been practicing our mindfulness by joining in with cosmic yoga! 

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