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w/c 27th June 2022
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery, babies have been having lots of outdoor fun! Some babies played in the mud kitchen. They role played with the kettle set, sharing the cups and saucers together and using spoons to mix the mud in pots and pans!

Some children noticed the rain, how it collects and pools in different areas of the garden. They had great fun using their hands to splash in the puddles of water!

Babies also bravely had a go on the hammock, with a little help to be lifted in. They lay down in the hammock and tried having a swing, balancing really well!

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This week Kindergarten have become mini-builders! They explored the construction bricks, and the different ways they fit together. Some children tried balancing the bricks on top of each other, and lining them up like dominos. Some decided to go upwards, stacking up tall towers that are extra fun to knock over!

Out in the garden some children took part in some toy car races! With a 'Ready...set...go!' they moved the cars across the tarmac, maneuvering around obstacles and reaching the finish line.

In the art studio some children explored the stencils! They chose from lots of different shapes, carefully holding it down with one hand and tracing the shape with the other. The children focused really well on this and were very proud of their work! 

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This week in Pre-School, children have been exploring water! They used watering cans to fill different sized containers and cups. The children showed great fine motor skills, carefully pouring the water so not to spill it. They then moved the water between the cups, discussing whether they were bigger and smaller, heavier or lighter!

Back inside some children helped to make paper fortune tellers! They listened really well to instructions from adults, folding the paper carefully. Once it was constructed the children had a go at moving the corners back and forth!


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