DE B 1

w/c 26th February 2024
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been having lots of fun with the parachute! We have been shaking it super fast, adding balloons on top and watching as the balloons floated around. We then hid underneath it with Abbie and Chelsea and we played peekaboo alongside our friends which we all really enjoyed - lots of giggling and babbling for Nursery this week!

In the Art Room we have been making potions. We have been using different ideas such as green colour water with googly eyes, blue with cotton wool, frogs, sequins, seeds and more! We then used the pipettes to collect the water and poured it into the potions.

Outside in the big garden we have been going on a bug hunt with Helen and Chloe. We looked for lots of creatures high and low and in the bug house. We found spiders and worms! The children put the worm into a container and watching as the worm moves - slowly.

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This week in Kindergarten we have been celebrating Chinese New Year. For this we got creative and we made some Chinese lanterns. We used some colourful paper, glue and sequins to make this they were so pretty. Kindergarten have had some new resources this week. Sticklebricks were part of this. This children really enjoyed playing with them and building some really cool structures! In a small group the children have been doing some science experiments! For this we mixed together vinegar bi carb and colours.

We then watched as it all fizzed when mixed together! It was amazing! Together in Kindergarten we have been looking at the animals. We have been learning the animals name and their habitat! We have been trying to develop our independence in Kindergarten this week, we have been learning how to pour our own drinks!

Out in the garden we have new footballs and a goal net. We have had great fun trying to score goals. We had so much fun! It's been a fun filled week with lots of fun :-)

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This week in Pre-School we have been exploring letter recognition with a tile game! We took turns to find the letters we needed to make a word. We had fun sounding out the noise of each letter as we completed our boards!

In the art studio we were encouraged to be as creative as possible, picking our own resources to create art with! We noticed the round dabber with the white paint created a snowman shape, so we were all inspired to create our own snowmen!

In the dining room we have been taking part in some mindfulness activities. We did some yoga with Meddy Teddy, and explored emotions with our 'Feelings Pineapple'! We talked about the different feelings we all experience, and tried to recreate them on the pineapple.

Out in the garden we went on a mini-camping adventure! Aneka had set up an amazing campfire for us, complete with marshmallows to 'toast'. We sat around and shared our own campfire stories from home!

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