DE B 16

w/c 25th September 2023
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery room we have been to the garden and helped with the gardening! We used the rake to get the leaves in to a pile on the grass and used shovels to put more soil around the vegetable plants so that they had plenty. We also had some magnifying glasses so we could look in to the potted plants and see if we could find any bugs in there, but look we found a wriggly worm and placed it into a bowl so that we could all look at it.

We have also been getting messy with different coloured shaving foam and using different objects and materials to use with the foam! We have been playing and taking turns with the pasta and exploring the crocodile clips by pinching the pasta up.

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This week in Kindergarten we have had so much fun. We have been in the garden where we have been learning to balance on the stepping stones. It was a bit tricky so our adults helped us to walk across them this gave us lots of confidence and we
practiced our gross motor skills.

We love water play in Kindergarten. We enjoyed splashing in the water. We filled up the water tray and added bubbles. The children then pulled the plug out and were fascinated watching the water come out and go to another level!

Inside the room we have been looking at the books - we were able to talk about what we could see this helped us to develop our literacy and communication skills.

The children in kindergarten have also been developing their fine motor skills. For this, we have been learning how to use the ink and stampers. The adults showed us what to do first and then we had a go!

We have also been role-playing doctors. We learned how doctors help to make you feel better when you are poorly. The children enjoyed playing with the role-play doctor's set. They learned how to use equipment such as a thermometer to check your temperature! Well done Kindergarten!

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