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w/c 25th July 2022
This Week at Downend


In Nursery, we have had a week of messy play! Some of us have been exploring painting on tin foil. We mixed the paints together, discovering what colours we could see, and noticed the crinkling noise the foil makes when you move over it!

We also took participated in some dinosaur play, reaching in with our hands to explore the different textures of the rice and shaving foam. We picked up the toy dinosaurs and had lots of fun stomping them through the mixture! 

Some of us have been exploring the physical play gym, navigating the variety of challenges there. We tried crawling up the steps, walking over the bridge and finally whizzing down the slide - weee! 

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This week in Kindergarten explored the natural resources in the garden, finding a pile of pine cones! We brought them back inside to use at the art table. We each took a turn to pick a paint colour to use, and experimented with mark making on paper in lots of different ways. We tried dabbing and rolling the pine cones, creating very exciting patterns!

We also got stuck into a bug themed tray this week. We were encouraged to feel the textures of the leaves and mud, picking them up to discover the hidden insects. We talked about where bugs live, and what they might eat - we then went to visit the bug hotel in the garden to see if any were hiding there too! 

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This week in Pre-School we have been out in the flower bed, checking on our seeds! The sunflowers have just been planted, and we talked about how those small seeds will eventually become big tall flowers - and what we can do to make sure the plants are happy and healthy. 

Some of us have been 'On the Moon' this week! We read through the book then explored a lunar tuff tray full of pasta shapes and toy astronauts. We really enjoyed making the astronauts jump really high into the air! 

Out in the garden, some of us have been reading books themed around our emergency services. We talked about what we can do when there is an emergency, and the different ways that the police, fire brigade and ambulances help us. 

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