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w/c 24th June 2024
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been doing lots of outdoor play whilst enjoying the lovely Summer sunshine! We have explored filling and emptying, using different sized jugs, cups and bowls. We really enjoyed creating big splashes with our friends too!

We have been keeping cool with some ice play, as the adults challenged us to free the objects that had been frozen into the ice! We noticed the ice would melt in the warmth of our hands - and our mouths!

In the Art Studio we have been making pictures and doing some sticking. We used glue and lots of different resources such as pom poms, tissue paper and sequins - beautiful!

We've also been exploring the big garden! We have tried navigating the balancing beams (with help from the adults), and playing peekaboo in the tent. The adults would say "Where are you?" and we giggled as we popped up - here we are! We've also enjoyed crawling through the big tunnel and smiling to our adults when we reached the other side. We've loved all the sunny, outdoor play this week!

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What a lovely week it has been in Kindergarten! As it been a week full of sunshine, we have had lots of water play to help keep us cool.

We spoke about the importance of wearing sun cream and sun hats and we have been remembering to keep our fluids topped up!

In the water we have been doing some fishing. We caught some really colourful fish. We also had to save the animals water tray! In the the garden the children helped to build an obstacle course. The children then showed us how good and carefully they could balance!

Out in the garden we have been really enjoying the mud kitchen! The children enjoyed making mud pies! Back inside we have enjoyed doing dome painting. We used lots of summery colours for this, colours such as red and yellow!

Whilst inside the children have enjoyed playing our new number bus game! This taught us lots of different skills such as turn taking, recognising colour and it helped us to develop our vocabulary too!

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This week in Pre-School have been working on our word recognition! The children have been searching for the letters that matched the word cards that were hidden in the pasta. Wow! Well done Pre-School, you were all fantastic!

Furthermore we have been palaeontologists this week! We tried to discover what lay beneath the sand. Using their amazing fine motor skills and investigation, the children discovered ancient fossils. What fantastic curiosity Pre-School have shown this week! Well done Pre-School, we are so proud! 

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