Pre School (9)

w/c 23rd May 2022
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery, babies got creative with foil! The children explored lots of different mark making, moving rollers back and forth and stamping shapes up and down. The children observed the colours mixing together - even creating new ones!

Some babies also visited the Curiosity Room this week! They explored the interactive whiteboard, taking part in matching games and completing jigsaw puzzles. They also discovered they could make artwork, using the stylus to make large sweeping movements!

Babies have also enjoyed playing outside in the rooftop garden! Some children spent time with the construction blocks building tall towers, whilst some had fun playing 'peekaboo' with the adults!

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This week in Kindergarten have been colour matching! The children were given lots of lollipop sticks, and challenged to find the right colour pot to put it in. As they worked through the pile, the children tried naming the different colours and counting how many sticks were in each pot!

At the art table some children have been practising using scissors. They were given a piece of paper to experiment with, and listened really well to the adults as they explained how to be very careful with the scissors. They then practised making little snips across the page!

Some children got creative with paint this week too, using toy animals to make marks! They dipped the toys in paint and then on paper, observing the variety of patterns and shapes they could make.

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This week in Pre-School, some children read the book 'Handa's Surprise'. They then took part in a creative activity, putting on masks and role playing as a character! The children interacted with each other, having conversations and building on the story using their imaginations!

There have been a variety of crafty activities available in Pre-School this week! Some children explored mark making with flour in a tuff tray, whilst some explored using scissors to cut long strips of paper. The adults then showed them how to weave the pieces together to make a pattern!

There was also a numerical activity in the Curiosity Room this week. As the children listened the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', the various fruits and veggies that he munched on were counted up using the interactive whiteboard! The children had a go at counting along with the numbers and even drew their favourite fruits on the board after.  

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