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w/c 22nd January 2024
This Week at Downend


This week the children visited Pre-School's sensory room! They enjoyed the sensory texture mats, crawling along and feeling the different types of textures. They also liked touching the changing mat and seeing the different colours mesh into one another mixing all the colours together!

Nursery used the lightbox to build tall towers, placing blocks one on top of the other before falling down. Nursery also sang different nursery rhymes using different musical instruments and danced along while enjoying the adult using their singing voices!

At the end of the week, Nursery visited the dining room and made their own banana smoothies! The children used safety knives with support from Shelley and Chelsea. The children followed instructions and helped pour milk into the blender they then pressed the buttons while watching the fruit being blended. They shared their smoothies with their friends and poured them into their cups to drink – yummy!!

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This week in Kindergarten we enjoyed creating our own volcano for a science experiment! To create our volcano we used flour, red food colouring, bicarb, and vinegar. When we poured it onto some cardboard that was shaped like a real volcano our mixture bubbles and fizzed! We learned that the mixture looked like lava from a volcano and we used descriptive words such as fizzy, red, lava, and hot! We learned that the lava from a real volcano is very very hot and can cause lots of damage.

In the art studio we have enjoyed doing some painting using cotton buds! It was so much fun. We independently chose what colour paint we wanted to use and then we dipped our cotton bud into the paint, before using this to create mark-making patterns.

The children enjoyed exploring Kindergarten's new sand tray, they scooped up the sand and putting into containers and suing the sand molds! We learned that sand needs to be a little wet to be able to make sand castles

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This week Pre-School baked their own shortbread biscuits! They worked together to mix the ingredients into a dough, shaped them, then waited patiently for the biscuits to cook – before eating them all up!

Pre-School got creative this week by creating their very own pasta bracelets that they shared with their friends and families. It was a great challenge to thread the small pieces of pasta through the string, which helps develop their coordination and fine motor skills!

Kerri took the children on a little adventure in the sensory garden: a hunt for worms! The children each took out their rulers and dug in the soil to find worms. The bigger the worm the better!

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