DE PS 14

w/c 22nd April 2024
This Week at Downend


On Monday, Nursery celebrated Earth Day! The children explored a tuff tray filled with different animals on a foamy sea and islands! The children picked up each toy in turn and tried moving it through the foam, mixing up the colours!

On the rooftop garden Nursery have been gardening, planting up some tomato seeds. The children helped add the soil to the pots, and carefully added the seeds - now we wait, to see if they will grow!

We were saying goodbye to our baby chicks this week, so we made sure to visit them in Pre-School. They have grown so much! This meant we were able to hold them, very carefully with our gentle hands.

In the Art Studio we have been making our own scented flower bags! We explored the smell of lavender and different flowers, pouring them into bags to take home. Lovely!

Down in the dining room some of the children helped to make make bread! They added all the ingredients together and used their strong arm muscles to mix it all into a dough. 

Lastly we have had lots of fun outside in the playhouse! We have loved interacting with our friends and peers, playing games and giggling lots!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been looking at the chicks to see how much they have grown since they hatched last week. We are lucky enough to be able to smooth them, gently! We were all really quiet so we didn’t scare them! The chicks are so fluffy and have grown so much! We also learned how we should be looking after them.

Inside we have been learning to get ourselves dressed and how to put our own shoes and wellies on independently! It was a little tricky but we were able to do it! We have really enjoyed doing puzzles this week. This helped us to develop our problem-solving and mathematical skills. Some of the pieces were a bit tricky though! The children have been playing with the magnetic blocks this week and have built some really cool structures. This helped us to develop our fine motor skills. It also allowed us to learn about the different colours of the blocks !

We are loving the new car mat in Kindergarten, we have really enjoyed pushing our vehicles around the track ,beep, beep!

Mark-making has been really popular this week. We have been learning how to how the pens using the tripod grasp. This can be a little tricky at first. We drew some really lovely pictures.
It been a busy week!

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This week in Pre-School we took a trip to the park, we really loved the sandpit and experiencing the different equipment.

Our new hammocks arrived, so lots of us had a go! We loved chilling in it.

We celebrated St George's Day this week by reading a story, and learned about Morris Dancing - a special traditional dance. We also used red and white paint to create a St George's Flag! 

We have been keeping an eye on our baby chicks this week. They are growing a lot, and we understand that they need water and food to grow big and strong - just like us!  

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