DR B 7

w/c 21st August 2023
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we explored our culinary creativity with a pizza tray! We had lots of tissue paper 'toppings' with which we decorated our paper pizzas. We showed great control and coordination by scooping up the glue and adding it to our bases, then pressing down the different decorations on top!

We've also been exploring a variety of interesting ways to make marks! Some of us explored the chalk pens, picking each one up individually and trying out a new colour. We created lots of squiggles, dots, lines, and arcs all over the bottom of the tuff try!

Some of us also tried painting onto tin foil this week! This provided a new level of exploration, as the foil made noise and moved differently to paper. We used paintbrushes to dab paint all over, noticing how the foil crinkled and crunched as we moved!

We have also spent lots of time out in the sunshine with our friends and adults! We particularly enjoyed the water tray, learning we could create big splashes with our hands!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been focusing on our sense of touch! Out in the garden we have been splashing around in bubbly water, having so much fun working out how to create them. We discovered we could add more water, and by moving our hands around in the mixture it would become even more bubbly!

Back inside we have been role playing 'Ice Cream Shops' with foam acting as our ice cream, coloured rice as the sprinkles and water with food colouring as the sauce! It was so much fun mixing the different textures together in our hands.

We have also spent time developing our fine motor skills this week. We loved challenging ourselves by threading various ribbons, strings and pipe cleaners through dried pasta shapes. We followed the steps the adults showed us and we were so proud of what we could do. We've also been practicing our pincer grip with the brightly coloured chalk pens, to create some beautiful art!

We've also spent time talking about our emotions this week, using some new interesting resources. In the tuff tray we explored the emotion stones, and experimented with drawing our emotions as we talked about how we all felt that day. We also used white board pens to draw onto clear acrylic faces! We used mirrors to look at our own faces, showing different feelings and expressions and discussing how our faces can show how we are feeling. 

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This week in Pre-School, we played cooperatively on a small world train track! Together we created the route, laying down each piece and focusing well on the ends to make sure they fitted together. Once it was completed we moved the trains around and around the track, and with our friends talked about where our journeys would take us!

In the art studio area we've been getting creative with colour. We used a variety of resources to add the paint to paper - paintbrushes, stamps, and lollipop sticks! We noticed the colours would blend together and create new ones - wow!

Outside in the garden, we've had a particular interest in our wheelbarrow. There's lots of physical development that goes on when we play with this! We can scoop and lift items into the barrow itself, then use our arm muscles to lift the handles. We also have to use our core strength to push the barrow across the garden!

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