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w/c 20th November 2023
This Week at Downend


This week in Nursery we have been taking part in activities from our Core Book this term, all around Feelings! We've had lots of discussions about our emotions, kindness, and making friends.  We used the emotions rollers, and printed each facial expression onto the playdough. We then sat with Abbie while she was holding the facial expression spoons - we tried to recreate the expressions on the spoons such as happy, sad and shocked! We used the mirrors to make these faces while noticing our reflections.

We have also been having fun at the local community park! We had explored the swings and roundabouts, and spent time in the sand sitting on the diggers alongside our friends.

Back at Red Bus we have been using spray bottles full of colourful water and spraying this onto cotton wool and flour! The spray trigger is a challenge for our hand and finger muscles, so the adults supported us if we needed a little help. We explored cause-and-effect, noticing what happened to the mixture on the tray when we added our water to it!

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This week in Kindergarten we have been enjoying lots of activities, inside and out!

We have been testing our hand-eye coordination with puzzles of all different shapes and sizes! We focused really well on matching all the animal shapes, words and colours to complete our puzzles. If a piece didn't fit, we learned how to rotate and turn the pieces and try again!

We've also experienced lots of messy, sensory play! We have loved smudging, swirling, mixing and exploring!

We also tackled an amazing obstacle course this week! Before we started we talked about the best ways to go over, under and through the obstacles, and what might happen if we didn't jump or move safely. We did a great job of jumping through the tyres and climbing!

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Winter is approaching, but this week in Pre-School we have been dreaming of summer with an ice-cream activity! There were lots of tools for us to use to explore a giant ice cream made of dry cereal and squishy foam. As we mixed the different textures together we were inspired to have lots of conversations about ice cream, sharing our favourite flavours and times where we have had ice-cream in the past!

We also took part in group discussions, encouraging us to look closely at ourselves. We talked about the ways we are different, and the ways we are the same! We made life-size artwork by tracing around ourselves lying down on paper, and used mirrors to look carefully at ourselves to add our hair, eyes, ears and nose.

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