DE B 12

w/c 20th May 2024
This Week at Downend


Let's see what Nursery Room have been up to this week! On Monday it was bee day, the children listened to the adults while they were having a book about bees. They also explored a tuff tray of rice they used their hands to seek textures and using paint brushes as well.

It's been lovely to see some sunshine while we are outside playing with our friends. We really enjoyed playing with water watching Chelsea as she pours water from a cup the children giggled and copied. They filled and emptied lots of containers.

Also outside in the garden a few of hey children really enjoyed lying in the hammock with their peers while Megan was swinging them side to side!

In the art studio We have been exploring frozen paint and holding the lollie sticks while creating marks onto our paper.

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This week in kindergarten we have been really busy! The children have been washing the babies out in the garden. For this we use water bubbles and cloths. The ladies discussed the importance of keeping ourselves clean!

Back inside we have enjoyed doing some sticking. We used the glue sticks to spread the glue onto out paper before adding a variety of materials to it. Some of the materials struck to our hands. The children then independently washed of the sticky glue on their hands!

The children have really enjoyed playing with the technology toys this week. We have been using tablets and telephones :-)

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This week in Pre-School we got crafty with a pizza activity! We stuck down our different 'toppings' and as we did this we shared our favourite and least favourite ingredients for pizza. We discovered we have lots of similarities with our friends!

We also got stuck into a bug themed tuff tray, we particularly enjoyed the binoculars and magnifying glasses. We held each of them up to our faces and explained to our peers what happened when we looked through them - wow!

We also took part in a great recycling activity! Tish and Lee showed us a tray full of different objects. We talked about what sort of things belong in the sea, and which don't. They explained that some objects such as plastic, cardboard or litter sometimes end up in our seas and rivers. We then cleaned up the tray to leave the sea creatures lots of space to play!  

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