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w/c 20th June 2022
This Week at Downend


It's been a warm one this week, so babies have been keeping cool with some water play! The children were invited to explore, using their hands to experiment with making waves and splashes. They also used the plastic balls in the tray, observing how they can float on the surface and bump into each other!

The children also had lots of fun in the (dried off!) ball pit, crawling in and moving around. They tried throwing the balls out to the grown ups, watching carefully and trying to catch them again as they were thrown back!

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This week Kindergarten the children explored some al fresco mark making in the garden! They were invited to use natural resources as tools to paint with. The children tried dipping the sticks and leaves into paint, and used the surface of the tough tray to experiment with different shapes and patterns!

Back inside some children learned all about kites. They had a go at creating their own - decorating them with tissue paper, stickers and glitter. Afterwards they went outside to try and make them fly!

In the art studio the children explored more expressive art and design, using paints. The children helped choose which colours to use, and had lots of fun mixing them together - recognising the new ones they had created!

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This week Pre-School have also been keeping cool with some water play! They spend time in the water exploratory area in the garden.  They used watering cans and measuring jugs, filling them up from the bottom tray and adding them at the top, observing how gravity sends the water back down again!

Some Pre-Schoolers also had a very special job this week. They were curious as to where Beth was going with a clipboard - she explained it was a risk assessment for the garden! The children had lots of questions about this, so Beth invited them afterwards to take part in their own risk assessment. They walked around each area of the garden, checking whether the equipment was ready and whether it was safe to play on!

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