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w/c 1st January 2024
This Week at Downend


This week we welcomed the children back to Nursery after the Christmas break! We started the new year off with loads of different activities. Firstly this week we washed Babies by using warm water and soap they used the sponges to wash the soap off. The children loved pouring water over themselves!

In the art room, we used cars and rolled the cars into colourful paint and pushed the cars back and forth across the paper looking at all the marks they made.

Nursery used spray bottles squirting paint onto cotton wool and we watched what happened.

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Happy New Year! Kindergarten have been on a trip to Lincombe Barn. They went to the park. They had great fun developing their physical skills whilst having fun! We learned how to use the equipment safely, walking up the steps to the slide. We counted steps 1,2,3 ,4 and then down the slide - weeeee! The children also played on the seesaw. This helped with our mathematics skills as we learned how the seesaw goes up and down! The swings were great fun, but our adults needed to help us as we were a little unsure of what to do as swings can be a little tricky!

Back in Kindergarten we really enjoyed playing with the red water......Splash! We used scoops to scoop up the water and filled up containers. Some of the children pretend to make drinks for our adults such as water or cups of tea!

We have had some children transition to Kindergarten. They really enjoyed exploring the room and all the new toys. They really enjoyed the playdough. They used the cutters to cut out some shapes and the rolling pins to roll the dough out. They even put some play dough into the role-play equipment to use as cakes! Yummy!

In the garden, the children have been learning to ride the trikes. They have used there gross motor skills for this, we have needed help from out adults to learn how to use the pedals. This can be a little tricky! It's been a week filled with fun!

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This week in Pre-School we have been talking about the weather after the Christmas break, a few of the children had wondered why it didn’t snow during Christmas and this started some lovely conversations about how weather is made. The children made their own snowy and cold pictures using white paint and snowflakes –  The children discussed the snow being cold and that you can make snow people and they are now eagerly waiting for snow to fall!

The children have been exploring the large musical instruments in the garden and exploring ways to make their own music, using the beaters, pots, pans, and spoons. The children spoke about their favourite songs and sang along together as they played their tunes. The children recognised that a wooden beater made a different sound from the plastic one and took turns to play.

We had Mr and Mrs Potato head out in Pre-School, some of the children were able to tell us that they were from Toy Story and some children hadn’t seen them before. The children labelled the various body parts, counting the ears and tongues and choosing different eyes and hats. “I like the eyes – they’re like mine.” One child tells his peer.

We’ve been having lots of tea parties which consisted of pasta, the children decided that the babies needed to be fed and found resources that they needed to do so. A few children picked up spoons, scoops, and jugs to mix and cook the pasta then they worked together to decided how it would be cooked, for how long, and if it was the right temperature for the babies to eat.

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